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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) WaterBlog is hosted by water quality experts and features discussions about the latest ideas, trends, and news in the profession.

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Integrated Planning: An Old Idea Is New Again

Although Congress has not passed any significant amendments to the Clean Water Act since 1987, there is a bit of good news: Integrated Planning offers municipalities an opportunity to request approval for a site-specific adaptive management approach as part of their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit or in an enforcement order. 




   Posted by:
Tim Williams, Managing Director of Leadership and Public Policy, WEF
World Water Day: Education Is Key to Sustainable Water Resources
Water professionals do not have to look too far to be educators or volunteer to work with others and demonstrate a personal commitment to protecting our water resources, and World Water Day, March 22, is a great time to start.





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Scott Cummings, P.E. at CH2M Hill

Creating a Level Playing Field for All

Our sector is experiencing a massive changeover in personnel as the workforce ages. And with so many existing employees retiring, a crisis in the near future is possible.

Cordell Samuels photo  Cordell W. Samuels is the 2012-2013 President of the Water Environment Federation.

Four Challenges for the Water Profession

Posted by Richard KuchenritherMarch 1, 2013    The water profession is facing four significant challenges. These challenges include water renovation, infrastructure (pipelines and treatment plants), sustainable and renewable technologies, and the need for new water professionals. These four challenges are

 Posted by Richard Kuchenrither, WEF President Richard Kuchenrither is the Program Director for the Water Engineering and Management Graduate Certificate in the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Boulder