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WEF WaterBlog

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) WaterBlog is hosted by water quality experts and features discussions about the latest ideas, trends, and news in the profession.

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Water’s Hidden Depths: Virtual Water

Water’s Hidden Depths Virtual Water By Nancy WellsPosted March 27, 2014      Water is vital to all of us for the basic necessities of drinking, cleaning, and sanitation. What most people do not think about or generally consider is

Posted by Nancy Wells, First posted for the Value of Water Coalition  Nancy Wells is a recent M.A. graduate in Water Ethics & Sustainability from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Water ethics is how the

Toilets Are Medicine

Toilets Are Medicine By John OldfieldPosted March 19, 2014      The Dalai Lama asserted a few years ago that “water is medicine,” referring to how important safe drinking water is for public health. On World Water Day, March 22,

   Posted by John OldfieldJohn Oldfield leads the efforts of WASH Advocates to increase awareness of the global WASH challenge and solutions, and to increase the amount and effectiveness of resources devoted to those solutions

Sharing Plans and A Vision

WEF’s diversity and our strength as a practitioner-rich community allows us to help bridge the gap between new water management research and theory and practical, on-the-ground adoption and implementation.



Posted by:
Eileen O'Neill, Deputy Executive Director, Water Environment Federation

UMC 2014: An Event to Remember

UMC 2014 An Event to Remember By Jim GinleyPosted March 6, 2014    Wow – that was a great conference All the pieces that go into an event like The Utility Management Conference – planning, venue, (lots of) attendees, speakers,

Posted by Jim Ginley   Jim Ginley is currently a Senior Consultant at Isle Inc., a boutique innovation consultancy that facilitates the market uptake of emerging and game changing technology by water and wastewater agencies