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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) WaterBlog is hosted by water quality experts and features discussions about the latest ideas, trends, and news in the profession.

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A View from the Clean Water Summit

Posted April 28, 2010 

EPA’s Clean Water Summit on tax day, April 15, attracted a diverse and articulate group of attendees. I participated by invitation as WEF’s representative. Overall, it was a good meeting with heavy engagement by EPA— they were soliciting input and ideas for action and policy formation.


EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson gave a speech lauding the progress in the 40 years since the CWA and encouraging us to demand another big leap in progress over the next 40 years.





Posted by:
Matt Bond, 2009-2010 WEF Vice President

WEF Eco’s Tips to Green Your Lifestyle

Posted April 21, 2010

In the spirit of Earth Day on April 22, the WEF Eco team would like to share some tips on how to green your lifestyle. WEF has been working to reduce its impact on the environment through the WEF Eco program since 2007. Our headquarters now include a green roof and terrace, and overall WEF has reduced its electricity consumption by 50%--just two examples of how citizens and businesses can make a difference in the environment.





Posted by:
The WEF Eco Team, which includes employees from many departments across the Water Environment Federation

The Passing of Wes Eckenfelder marks the End of an Era in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Profession

Posted April 12, 2010

Dr. William Wesley Eckenfelder passed away on Sunday March 28, 2010.  Wes was a pioneer and living legend in the profession and also a great friend and colleague. I had the distinct priviledge to work with him on many projects and workshops over the last ten years.  What a great tribute to Wes last week at the service in Nashville on April 1, 2010.







Posted by:
Joseph G. Cleary, Principal, HydroQual, Inc.