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Boy Scout Jamboree Day 6

July 30, 2010 
Well…it’s my turn to provide the Blog for the Jamboree at Fort AP Hill, VA.  Thank you Jim for your previous Blogs.   I arrived last night at about 6:30 PM here at our overnight accommodations in Fredericksburg, VA after battling the heavy traffic down I-95 and through DC from Philadelphia. 





Posted by:
Carl A. Janson, 2009-2010 WEF Board of Trustees member 

Boy Scout Jamboree Day 5

July 28, 2010

I thought today would be easy. We didn’t have to be in to start the exhibit until 11:00 or was it 12:00 or was it 1:00. It finally was 1:00. Great, have a late breakfast, maybe catch up on some email. Cool.


We arrived on site about 12:30 got ready to go and then someone wanted to take a picture at 1:00. That happened to be the same time about a 100 scouts entered the area. We didn’t get the picture done.





Posted by:
James L. Condon, PE, Environmental Engineer

Boy Scout Jamboree Day 4

July 27, 2010
Today was the first full day of the Jamboree. The get-together this morning to head to the exhibit was much smoother. We were actually on the road by about 7:40. We are now starting to perform like a well oiled machine. We got to the site and set everything up and were ready to go by about 8:45. We had great help today. There were 19 volunteers on site to help out. It seems the communications are getting better. Remember when the scouts come in you switch to hold. When the Scouts leave you switch to send. 





Posted by:
James L. Condon, PE, Environmental Engineer

From the Boy Scout Jamboree: Learning About Water on the Conservation Trail

Posted July 27, 2010

Day 1, Saturday: Setup Day. On Saturday there were several volunteers on site to start doing the hard work of setting up the exhibit area. There was a lot of pitchforking, wheelborrowing, and spreading of mulch. For those of you who have not worked with this mulch it can make everything it touches dirty in a heartbeat. A lot of dirty clothes this day. Because of the heat (+107 heat index) the work was stopped at noon.





Posted by:
James L. Condon, PE, Environmental Engineer

From the Boy Scouts Jamboree: Live From the Conservation Trail

Posted July 26, 2010
By Tim Madhanagopal Held every four years, the exciting and inspiring National Scout Jamboree is running today through August 4 in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, where WEF members from all over the country will staff a super hands-on exhibit to teach scouts about water.


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Posted by:
Tim Madhanagopal, Professional Engineer

Summer Breeze with Odor Control Makes Everyone Feel Fine

Posted July 19, 2010
Here we are in the middle of July, when thousands of families like to sit outside and enjoy those warm dusky summer evenings.  Kids are playing on the grass, the grills are fired up, and smells of barbecue and bug spray are wafting on the breeze.  And that’s about all that should be wafting from a wastewater treatment perspective. 


Ray Porter.jpg



Posted by:
Ray Porter, CH2M Hill                         

Tips for the Environmentally Aware Traveler

Posted July 6, 2010  
Here in Alexandria, VA, just outside of the nation’s capital, you can see tourists everywhere.  And the same thing is happening in popular destination spots around the country, where travelers are converging to explore or relax, and from our perspective, hopefully taking care to travel lean and green.





Posted by:
The WEF Eco Team, which includes employees from many departments across the Water Environment Federation