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A Community of Practice is a group of professionals convened by WEF that share an expertise and is bound by a common mission or purpose related to an issue that may span multiple WEF committees. CoP members work together with WEF’s committees to coordinate and enhance the knowledge and practice for that issue. A CoP may need inputs from other professional organizations, regulatory agencies, and/or NGOs. Thus, CoP members do not need to be a member of a WEF Standing Committee, but generally should be a member of WEF. If the CoP wants a specific expertise outside of WEF’s membership, a non-member can be invited to participate. At some point in the future, a CoP’s purpose or issue priority may diminish. Eventually, the Committee Leadership Council (CLC) will look at either sunsetting the CoP, growing it into a WEF Standing Committee, or aligning it with an existing WEF committee. A CoP will not exist indefinitely.  WEF currently has one CoP: 

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As a membership organization, WEF understands the value of member engagement and using the collective knowledge of an entire profession to further its mission of improving water quality around the world.  More than 2,500 WEF members participate in WEF committee activities, developing conference programs, writing technical manuals and books, developing training materials and program content, and many other WEF program activities. 

Committee Resources:

   - Committee Membership Application  
   - WEF Volunteer Legal Responsibilities
   - Volunteer Handbook
   - Committee Resources: (member login required)
   - WEF and MA Committee Communication Initiative    
   - WEF/MA Committee Mapping 

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