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1016 DN Tanks 


DN Tanks
Prestressed Concrete Tanks  

Wastewater facilities have their own particular set of storage management needs and requirements.  DN Tanks has designed and constructed all types of wastewater storage and process systems with a proven record for building digesters, primary and secondary clarifiers, sludge storage tanks, equalization tanks and more.  Some are buried or partially buried to support the facility’s operation systems or simply for aesthetic reasons.  Shown are 2 - 0.75 digesters in Richland, WA.  



DN Tanks Spotlight 


DN Tanks
Prestressed Concrete Tanks

DN Tanks specializes in the design and construction of AWWA D110 prestressed concrete tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water and other liquids.  With nearly 3,000 tanks ranging in capacity from 70,000 gallons to 40 million gallons, DN Tanks offers expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions.  Our tanks are designed to meet varying project requirements with the ability to withstand seismic activity, extreme climates, and severe site conditions.  Shown is a 1.0 MG reclaimed water storage tank in Storrs, Connecticut. 



Wildco Spotlight

Wildco® or "Wildlife Supply Company®", founded in 1938, is one of the pioneers in the environmental sampling industry. We designed and developed the Ponar™ grab, K-B™ corer, Shipek™ grab, Ann Arbor™ roller press, Ogeechee™ sand corer, even the messenger itself - which are specified in a variety of EPA protocols.

We do water sampling from the bottom up! Bottom or benthic sampling, groundwater sampling, wastewater sampling, plankton nets, field and lab equipment/supplies... we are your one-stop sampling source.

Need technical support? We have it.
Need a custom design for a bottle, grab or other sampler? Give us a call.
Need a custom net? This is our specialty. We make some of the finest nets in the world. They have been used from the High Arctic to Antarctica and in many bodies of water in between.
Concerned about the environment? So are we. And we have been for over 75 years!

Family owned for over three generations, a niche manufacturer located in the rural South, Wildco® has grown up with the environmental sampling movement.
  We are here to help you help the world. 



 cleanway logo

Catch Basin

CleanWay Environmental Partners
Stormwater Treatment: effective filtration made easy

CleanWay® Environmental Partners manufactures innovative stormwater and wastewater filtration solutions that are easy to install and maintain, durable and highly effective. CleanWay filtration designs are adaptive and scalable with a selection of elements and media to address site-specifics water quality needs. Storm Clean® filtration systems are post-construction stormwater BMPs that include drop inlets, catch basin insertscurb inlet, downspout filters and variants to fit any size basin.

CleanWay helps municipal, industrial and commercial customers comply with NPDES regulations with solutions that work, making your job a little easier. We work in partnership with you to help achieve your water quality goals.

Available exclusively from CleanWay, MetalZorb® is a high capacity, non-leaching sponge filtration medium that effectively reduces, removes and recovers dissolved heavy metals from water discharge. With low impedance to flow and no backwash required, MetalZorb is non-toxic, biodegradable and highly effective for a variety of applications. 



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Ecolo Odor Control Technologies Inc. 

Ecolo is an industry leader in manufacturing, distribution and national service of innovative odor control products including high pressure misting, vapor and scrubber/biofilter polishing. Ecolo has been in business since 1973 and supports 200 locations worldwide, including over 50 service locations in North America. 



MOE Logo 

Manhole Odor Eliminator  

Do your sewer manholes suffer from foul odor? Do you receive constant odor complaints?  Sewer gases escape from manhole covers and cause nuisance, health and safety problems.  Several factors including sewer system design, operation, chemical and biological conditions are the culprits.  The Manhole Odor Eliminator, MOE, is a carbon filter system designed to remove odors from sewer vents, grease traps, and other manholes.  The MOE™ system contains odor absorbing media and is designed so that contaminated air enters the filter through an opening on the bottom of the cartridge. The MOE™ is equipped with a variable bladder that buffers the fluctuations of sewer gas.  Peak sewer gas is then dispersed through the filter media before exiting the filter.  The MOE™ is also equipped with a storm water bypass.  The MOE is an engineered system to help solve your odor problems. 



Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies  

Ostara’s Pearl® process plus WASSTRIP® turbo-charges nutrient removal and recovery. The Pearl process recovers up to 85% of phosphorus and 40% of nitrogen from the sidestream and provides a new revenue source by converting the nutrients into an eco-friendly fertilizer, Crystal Green®.  WASSTRIP protects the anaerobic digester, reducing struvite formation by up to 90% and improves cake dewaterability by 4%. Plus, it cuts overall biosolids production by up to 25%, improving the P to N ratio to create balanced biosolids, more suitable for land application. The combination of Pearl plus WASSTRIP dramatically reduces the need for chemicals and helps you meet P limits so you can continue to be stewards for your communities. For more information visit 


 Fluidyne Spotlight 

Fluidyne’s Fixed Plate (FFP™) 

Fluidyne’s Fixed Plate (FFP™) cloth media tertiary filters utilize patented gravity flow hydraulics and proprietary cloth media technology to eliminate mechanical wear items, rotating discs, pumps, drive motors, chain gears, backwash manifolds, and other mechanical moving parts. Fluidyne systems utilize a combination of differential head and a series of simple open-close pneumatic valves to provide tertiary wastewater filtration & backwash in compact, efficient stainless steel packages.  Vertically placed cloth media panels are fixed in place during all operations, reducing mechanical complexity and maintenance, while allowing easy media replacement and reduced footprint.  Lack of pumps, drives, and high pressure spray also eliminates complicated 3ph electrical equipment and controls, facilitating eased installation and economical operation.  FFP™ cloth filters are ideally suited for municipal, industrial, or reuse applications requiring robust effluent tertiary filtration to meet tough discharge standards.  Stop by booth #4436 at WEFTEC to learn more.  For more information visit   



See Water Inc.  

See Water Inc.’s ozone generator control panels will allow OEM and treatment specialists to effectively implement Ozone (O3) to new or existing water treatment systems. Features include: patented electronic plate monitoring, dynamic cooling system, and quick connect ozone replacement modules. The O3-100 (100g/hr) and O3-50 (50g/hr) use a unique electric arch method to create ozone. The O3 generator control panels provide one of the most effective solutions for killing bacteria, destroying odor, VOCs, and oxidizing metals. To discuss your application or for more information on this or other products that See Water manufactures, contact us at 1-888-733-9283 or visit us online. 




 JWC PS 2015     

JWC Environmental  

The Channel Monster® model Wipes Ready from JWC Environmental demonstrates the knowledge acquired from four decades of experience designing and manufacturing waste grinders — integrated components that perfectly sync together to shred debris better and more effectively than any other waste grinder on the market. The Channel Monster model Wipes Ready comprises rotating screening drums with ½-inch (12mm) perforated openings, feeding debris into a dual-shafted grinder to shred solids effectively and completely, while maintaining proper flow rates so capacities at pump stations and are not compromised by clogs and equipment breakdowns. The system is also a durable, cost-effective and versatile solution to protect valuable pumps, pipelines and other treatment equipment from the harmful effects of wipes and other debris. Stop by booth #4631 at WEFTEC to learn more.   




Carollo ranks first among all design firms that work solely in water. 

So what does that mean for you? For starters, focusing on water – and only water - allows us to put all of our resources, science and technology toward some of the most innovative solutions in the industry. It also means we attract the very best people who equally share that same passion; people who are 100% dedicated to solving our clients’ toughest water challenges.Contact us today at or (800) 523-5826 to find out how we can start “Working Wonders With Water®”... with you. 



DN Tanks 
Prestressed Concrete Tanks 

DN Tanks specializes in the design and construction of AWWA D110 prestressed concrete tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water and other liquids.  With nearly 3,000 tanks ranging in capacity from 40,000 gallons to 40 million gallons, DN Tanks offers expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions.  Our tanks are designed to meet varying project requirements with the ability to withstand seismic activity, extreme climates, and severe site conditions.  Shown are two 5.0 MG equalization basins in Fort Smith, Arkansas, featuring an internal washdown system for handling peak storm flows.  


                                Graus Chemicals
REMOTOX®, A Strong Precipitant for Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater.

REMOTOX is a calcium polysulfide based liquid, designed to bring practical and cost-saving advantages to wastewater treatment, while ensuring discharge limits on heavy metals are consistently met. This product has proven effective even when treating chelated and/or complexed metals. Its unique formulation also removes hexavalent chromium without preliminary reduction to its trivalent state. Consider the advantages of using REMOTOX to remove metals from your wastewater. Attainment of a high degree of metal removal over a wide pH range. Removal of hexavalent chromium without preliminary reduction to its trivalent state. Dissolved calcium ions form a coagulant aid. Better settling and dewatering characteristics resulting in less sludge. Remotox is not DOT regulated.
Available at Graus Chemicals in drums, totes and bulk quantities. For additional information or samples, please contact us at 602.373.3972 or by email at


    Enaqua – A Grundfos Innovation Company

Non-Contact UV Disinfection Solutions
Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are designed with the UV lamps kept separate from the water. The water is flowing through light transmitting AFP tubes and the UV lamps are placed on the outside of the tubes. Enaqua’s AFP tubes have proven more than 22 years of continuous operation without replacement. The system is highly self-cleaning due to the turbulent flow in the tubes and the smooth surface. With no quartz sleeves to replace, no extra cleaning apparatus and no need for chemicals, the man hours for maintenance and cost of replacement parts is a small fraction of traditional UV costs. Combined with Enaqua’s unique Ensure Dosing System, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60%. Flow & Level Pacing automatically turns on only the lamps which are required and with the SMART Lamps every single lamp in the system can be monitored. For more information visit us at



Juniper Systems
Ultra-Rugged Handheld Computers

Juniper Systems manufactures the most reliable rugged handheld computers in the world. Their product lineup includes the new Archer 2™, the Mesa® Rugged Notepad, and the Allegro MX™, built specifically for the field worker. Designed to withstand the most extreme environments, Juniper Systems’ rugged handhelds will help you quickly collect the data you need to get the job done fast. Applications include infrastructure inspection, documentation & maintenance, storm & sanitary sewer inspection & testing, meter reading/meter maintenance, field service, field asset management, and disaster planning & recovery. 

For more information, contact us at or 435.753.1881.



IEC Covers 

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) is a leading designer and fabricator of Floating Cover systems.  We provide bio-gas collection, heat retention and odor control covers for the municipal , industrial and agricultural markets. IEC has one of the most extensive installation lists in the United States.  Our advantageous position of owning our own fabrication facility enables us to meet the budget and timing objectives of customers.  We offer fully equipped and trained technical personnel for every project installation.   IEC  has a fleet of service vehicles and equipment that enable us to provide support 24/7 for our North American clients.



IPEC Consultants Ltd.

IPEC’s  Internally-fed Rotary Drum Sludge Thickener
Rotary drum thickeners offer the most effective trouble free method of concentrating biological sludges. IPEC`s drum structure with exchangeable panels of multiple porosities is adaptive to individual characteristics of sludge. Sludges of 0.5% - 2% can be thickened to 5 – 12%. Wide range of units with  capabilities from 50 – 2,000 pounds per hour dry solids.



     DN Tanks
Concrete Tank Services

DN Tanks, the parent company of Natgun Corporation and DYK Incorporated, is the industry leader in the design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water, and other liquids.  Through its Concrete Tank Services (CTS) division, DN Tanks offers inspection, rehabilitation, and retrofit services for all types of concrete tanks.  Whether for routine periodic inspections, a structural evaluation, seismic upgrade, or retrofit modification, contact DN Tanks Concrete Tank Services.  Shown is a rehabilitation and retrofit of a digester tank in Elkhart, IN.


     AWT Technologies Inc.
ASBR – Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment System

High quality effluent and biological nutrient removal (BNR) at low capital investment and operating costs are key features of this batch reactor wastewater treatment process. ASBR has a proven track record of installations worldwide and provides an optimal process solution for a wide variety of treatment applications where the wastewater is biologically degradable.  ASBR has fewer tanks and smaller footprint than conventional treatment systems. The robust, uncomplicated equipment is easy to maintain and simple to operate, ensuring long service life and reliability. Power consumption is minimized by high efficiency aeration. Single or multiple basins give operational flexibility. 


     Blue-White Industries
New Diaphragm Metering Pump for Municipal Water Treatment

The Chempro-M™ diaphragm metering pump is designed specifically for municipal water and wastewater treatment. The pump is suited for injection of aggressive, and/or viscous chemicals.
Chempro-M is equipped with Blue-White’s exclusive Dia-Flex™ single layer PVDF diaphragm, and a non-loss motion design results in full stroke every time, reducing the possibility of vapor-lock and aiding priming. An LCD display with protective cover displays feed data and other critical information. Intelligent electronics permit connection to remote controllers; firmware is upgradeable.
NEMA 4x washdown / IP66 housing, NSF Listed Std. 61 for drinking water. Phone: 714-893-8529


     DN Tanks
Prestressed Concrete Tanks

DN Tanks, the parent company of DYK Incorporated and Natgun Corporation, specializes in the design and construction of AWWA D110 prestressed concrete tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water and other liquids.  With over 2,500 tanks ranging in capacity from 40,000 gallons to 40 million gallons, DN Tanks offers expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions.  Our tanks are designed to meet varying project requirements with the ability to withstand seismic activity, extreme climates, and severe site conditions.  Shown is a 1.5 MG water storage tank in Woodstock, IL featuring brick pilasters and a masonry block wall encasement which enhances its appearance by adding definition & architectural interest. 


     Struvite Removal
Struvite Forming?  Let JS 9310 Prevent it!

How would you like a product that effectively prevents Struvite and Vivianite deposits from forming? Would you like this product to be safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective?  JS 9310 is a very powerful Struvite and Vivianite inhibitor.  It chelates the magnesium in the sludge and in the Struvite deposit.  JS 9310 is very effective in preventing Struvite crystals from forming on your valves, pumps and pipelines.  JS 9310 can be fed directly into digester overflow line to control scale deposits throughout the entire sludge feed line.  JS 9310 uses a special additive that will not increase your polymer dosage in the dewatering system.  Studies have shown JS 9310 will gradually remove existing Struvite deposits by resolubilizing magnesium from the Struvite crystal.  We recommend using our Struvite remover JS 9325, then using JS 9310 to prevent Struvite from occurring again!  To solve your Struvite forming problem contact Charles at: 925-289-3559;, or visit us on our website:


    Struvite Removal
Problem? JS 9325 an effective Removal Solution!

How would you like a product that effectively removes Struvite and Vivianite deposits safely and quickly?  What if this product: is cost effective, can eliminate replacing systems; and can minimize down time? JS 9325 is an environmentally safe cleanser, specifically formulated to remove Struvite and Vivianite deposits that form throughout wastewater treatment facilities, and agricultural facilities. With moderate circulation and optimum dosages, JS 9325 dissolves Struvite and Vivianite deposits within hours and minimal downtime. JS 9325 is
easy to use and safe on plastic or metal materials. Tests show 100% removal of deposits with a 1.5 – 2 molar quantity of JS 9325 per mole of Struvite or Vivianite. Once removal is a success, we offer JS 9310 as a dispersant so scale is no longer a problem for you or your plant. To solve your Struvite problem contact:

Charles at:, or visit us on our


Moyno InviziQ™ Pressure Sewage System

The InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System is a smarter alternative to conventional gravity sewage options. Rather than relying on gravity and a network of costly lift stations to transfer sewage, PSS utilizes grinding and pumping technology to efficiently move sewage to treatment facilities – no matter the terrain, slope, environmental sensitivity or complex topography of the region. InviziQ offers Dry Well design, the only PSS alternative delivering clean access to the system motor and other working parts of the unit. Whether it’s replacing an existing infrastructure or helping develop underutilized areas, InviziQ is changing the way people think about sewer systems.


     Hallsten Corporation
Aluminum Covers

Hallsten Corporation, located near Sacramento, CA manufactures high quality aluminum odor control covers specifically intended for a variety of environmental applications. Applied in conjunction with the other odor control measures employed on a project, a Hallsten Lite-Span® aluminum cover system provides a major contribution to the overall odor control improvements at any facility. Hallsten Corporation’s patented aluminum extrusions allow the company to design a cover system that is able to meet demanding project specifications as well as provide features not found in other cover systems. Unlike fiberglass covers, the aluminum design of the Hallsten cover is resistant to corrosion and UV light. (800)473-7440


Biosolids Dryers

Therma-Flite’s IC Series Bio-Scru biosolids dryers are unequalled in producing “Class A” dried PFRP biosolids. With their smaller footprint, affordable pricing, and stellar safety record, Bio-Scru dryers are the superior choice for municipalities.  Safe, efficient and reliable, the Bio-Scru is a fully automated continuous process system, requiring very minimal operator attention.  Bio-Scru is from Therma-Flite, the leader in screw heat exchanger technology.  The technology is well established and has been used for drying for over 70 years.  Therma-Flite’s reputation for customer service and quality control is a definite “value-added” for any size municipality. (707) 747-5949


      Capstone Turbine 

In wastewater treatment plants across the globe clean-burning Capstone MicroTurbines® effectively convert waste gases into renewable power. The Capstone Renewable (CR) microturbine line is designed to operate on methane gas and other waste gas fuels created from the treatment of domestic wastewater. Using Capstone microturbines, a wastewater treatment plant can harness the energy potential of waste biomass to generate reliable renewable power in a clean and cost effective way. Capstone microturbines can operate on fuels with up to 70,000 ppm H2S. The CR65 meets strict emissions requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for operations on digester gases and is available with an integrated heat recovery module, which is ideal for anaerobic digesters.



MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. 
Your Onsite Biosolids Disposal Solution  

The MaxWest Biogasification System produces a much cleaner emissions profile than alternative disposal methods and reduces volume by as much as 95%. Gasification consumes little oxygen, produces green thermal energy, and lowers air emissions, making it a more attractive treatment method for your biosolids than high-oxygen, less environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as incineration. Visit our website today to see how we can provide you with a biosolids disposal solution. 




Burkert Fluid Control Systems 

Burkert Type 8619 MultiCELL Multichannel Transmitter/Controller 

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has developed the MultiCELL Type 8619 multi-channel controller for water treatment, food and pharmaceutical applications. In reverse osmosis systems, the controller can be used for monitoring functions as a flow indicator, to measure the ORP value or percentage retention value. The Type 8619 MultiCELL can also be used for control tasks, such as regulation of the pH value and the dosing of chemicals and ratio control. The modular controller is adapted at the factory to the particular application and customer specifications. The standard version includes the user interface, the mainboard and AC adapter, two analog and digital outputs and two digital inputs.  


  DN Tanks
Prestressed Concrete Tanks

DN Tanks, the parent company of DYK Incorporated and Natgun Corporation, specializes in the design and construction of AWWA D110 prestressed concrete tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water and other liquids.  With over 2,500 tanks ranging in capacity from 40,000 gallons to 40 million gallons, DN Tanks offers expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions.  Our tanks are designed to meet varying project requirements with the ability to withstand seismic activity, extreme climates, and severe site conditions.  Shown is a 1.2 MG water tank in Cave Creek, AZ.


AWT Apr   
AWT Technologies Inc.
ASBR – Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment System

High quality effluent and biological nutrient removal (BNR) at low capital investment and operating costs are key features of this batch reactor wastewater treatment process. ASBR has a proven track record of installations worldwide and provides an optimal process solution for a wide variety of treatment applications where the wastewater is biologically degradable. ASBR has fewer tanks and smaller footprint than conventional treatment systems. The robust, uncomplicated equipment is easy to maintain and simple to operate, ensuring long service life and reliability. Power consumption is minimized by high efficiency aeration. Single or multiple basins give operational flexibility.


Aeration Industries Jan 2013  Aeration Industries
Reliable Retrofits

Looking for an affordable, long lasting alternative that meets stringent effluent requirements? Replace discs, rotors and splashers with the surface-mounted Aire-O2 Triton® Process Aerator/Mixer. It easily adapts to existing municipal and industrial treatment facilities and its strong horizontal mixing and circulation capabilities are ideally suited for oxidation ovals. The mixer and blower operate independently, allowing for air flow to be controlled, meeting process requirements without any impact on mixing performance.  Able to send fine (2.2mm) bubbles to depths of 33’, effluent compliance is easy to maintain and even improve.  For more information visit


online_spot_CST    CST Industries, Inc.

OptiDome™, the next generation in dome design, is an innovative flush batten aluminum geodesic dome design, which may be considered a new paradigm in engineered cover technology. OptiDome features a Double Web I-Beam for strength and stability, plus optimized patent pending batten seal technology that eliminates environmental exposure and UV degradation. New hub cover technology removes the need for exterior sealant at the nodes, eliminating routine maintenance and inspection requirements. OptiDome’s enclosed gasket design protects from UV and sealant degradation, reduces sealant use and eliminates ponding. Featuring a smooth, sleek appearance, OptiDome represents an improvement in overall cover design for superior structural stability, functionality, and aesthetics. For more information please visit


online_spot_westech    WesTech Engineering Inc.

The OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch from WesTech Engineering has proven to be the ideal equipment for biological wastewater treatment applications throughout the world. It combines vertically mounted, low-speed surface aerators with an oxidation ditch design to maximize oxygen transfer efficiency while maintaining the greatest flexibility for power turndown. In addition, the OxyStream™ has greater side water depths and fewer required aerators than a conventional brush rotor or disc rotor oxidation ditch. The vertical slow-speed surface aerator eliminates maintenance-prone horizontal shafts, pillow block bearings, and drive units near the water surface. Above all, the OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch provides energy savings and produces predictable, high-quality 


 Probiotic Solutions   

Probiotic Solutions®

BIO ENERGIZER® from PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS® is a specialized Micro Carbon Complex that is used in municipal and industrial systems to reduce Sludge, Odor, BOD/COD’s, FOG’s and costs in wastewater treatment plants & lagoons. At less than 1/10th the typical cost of dredging, handling and hauling, and less than 1/100th the cost of building a treatment plant. BIO ENERGIZER® can help operators save thousands of dollars in operating costs. When used in activated sludge plants, BIO ENERGIZER® increases volatile solids destruction and improves decant volume and settleability for greater digester and reactor capacity, giving operators more capacity to waste solids.All PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS® products use our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology™ as their base ingredient for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater. 800/961-1220, 


 AWT Oct   

AWT Technologies Inc.

OXIWORKS® Highly Efficient, Energy Saving Aeration System and OXIRISE® Maintenance and Retrieval System
These two quality products were developed in-house by our experienced experts, using durable and corrosion proof plastics and high quality stainless steel.OXIWORKS® is a moving fine bubble aeration system which offers a greater overall efficiency compared to fixed diffusers, achieving substantial energy savings. The OXIRISE® system allows easy retrieval of diffusers for maintenance and cleaning, simply by turning on a switch - no manual lifting or interruption of the treatment process is required. These are ideal products if you want to: improve aeration efficiency, running costs and overall performance of your lagoon/wastewater treatment facility; or make maintenance simple, easy and operator-friendly.   


Enviro-Care     Enviro-Care

Enviro-Care/SAVI Flo-Drum MBR Pre-treatment screens can be found protecting membrane bioreactors for the top four MBR manufacturers worldwide. Flo-Drum MBR fine screens provide the high capture efficiency and minimal by-pass features that the sensitive MBR process requires. Advanced design features and durable construction make the Flo-Drum MBR Pre-treatment screen the perfect partner for MBR systems.  Ph: 888-805-5794, WEFTEC 2012 – New Orleans – Booth 4217, Hall F 


Nidec    Nidec Motor Corporaton

The latest vertical pump motor to join the US Motors brand family is the 5813 Frame Vertical Titan II motor, an extension of Nidec Motor Corporation’s existing Titan II line. What’s most remarkable about the new 5813 Frame motor is that it’s manufactured using a cast iron frame, instead of a fabricated frame, allowing for the production of the winding and frame assembly to be done in parallel, rather than in series, which reduces production time, and speeds up delivery to the customer. The 5813 Frame motor is custom built, based on customer specifications and requirements. It includes WPI and WPII (weather protected) enclosures, and ranges from 250hp to 1750 hp depending on the required speed. 


 Aqualitic    Aqualitec Corp. Screening Equipment

Weftec Booth #1461
Aqualitec Corp. is the company providing Screentec, The Mechanical Vertical Bar Screen for Headworks, Lift & Pump Stations, Manholes and Deep Wells. Due to its vertical design, Screentec can retrofit any kind of structure with minimal or no changes. Screentec protects pumps from rags and debris, fits into narrow and deep structure, requires minimal and easy maintenance. Installations worldwide for 15 years and already running in CA, WA, NJ.

Visit our website for more information at 


 Zoeller jan 12 
  Shark Grinders

With models available from 1 to 7 ½ HP, Zoeller Engineered Products offers one of the broadest lines of grinder pumps in the industry.  Cool run design technology effectively disperses heat, promoting longer service life.  The units are available with multiple discharge configurations and wet end designs, providing unequaled selection flexibility.  Some models feature the unique Zoeller reversing cutter design, preventing cutter jams.  The hardened SS star cutter rarely requires replacement.  Models are available with either standard or explosion proof motors.

For more information contact Mark Huntebrinker 1-800-928-7867 ext. 8237,


 Aqua-Aerobic 2      

Activated Sludge System 

The AquaPASS® Phased Activated Sludge System utilizes time-based process management in a continuous flow regime.  The system provides aggressive reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus in an efficient and compact solution with minimal O&M costs.  The AquaPASS® system is ideal for nitrogen control, phosphorus removal and water reuse applications.  Its flexible tank design and equipment options allow for easy retrofitting of oxidation ditches or other activated sludge processes.  

For more information visit 



Grid-Powered Mixer 

SolarBee grid-powered mixers for wastewater treatment plants can cut equipment costs up to 45 percent compared to comparable solar-powered models and can replace 30 to 50 horsepower (hp) of aeration runtime. The GF (grid flotation) mixers provide thorough mixing in partial- and total-mix systems and activated sludge basins with available utility power. Mixing wastewater reduces aeration runtime and energy costs. Active mixing also helps control odors, meet NPDES discharge permits, and improve BOD, TSS, ammonia and sludge reduction. Four GF models are available, providing a choice of single- or three-phase power, and a choice of intake designs and mixing capacity. 



  Seewater revised     

WS Series™ Control Panels  

The WS Series™ control panels are advanced simplex and duplex systems controlled by SEEwater’s “Smart Board” designed for wastewater and sewage pump applications.  SEEwater’s WS Series™ panels come standard with: NEMA 4X enclosure, upgraded pump protection, pump fault indicators and auxiliary contacts for accessing building management systems (SCADA). Custom options are available upon request.  All panels manufactured by SEEwater are 100% factory tested and ARRA Certified (Made in the USA) and come with the SEEwater Signature 3 Year Warranty.  

Contact SEEwater:  Toll Free 888-733-9283 


 Aeromod image 
Custom-Designed Wastewater Treatment Facilities 

Aero-Mod, Inc. specializes in custom-designed wastewater treatment facilities. We offer products and engineered solutions for biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater using clarification, nutrient removal, aeration, filtration and solids dewatering. Our technology uses non-corrosive materials for fabrication, while wastewater treatment solutions require minimal or no mechanical moving parts under the water thereby requiring less maintenance and replacement of component parts over the life of the plant. With solutions including SEQUOX(TM) and ClarAtor (TM) and TRITON (TM) dewatering units, customers experience our level of innovation through simplicity and superior quality standards. 

Learn more: or 785-537-4995.                                                                                                      


DN Tanks 
  Prestressed Concrete Tanks

DYK Incorporated and Natgun Corporation, divisions of DN Tanks, specialize in the design and construction of prestressed concrete storage tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water, and other liquids. With over 130 years of combined experience, DN Tanks has expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise, and proficiency in multiple types of tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions for their customers. Shown is a 4.0 MG recycled water tank in Yucaipa, CA. 


revised Denso Image 
Petrolatum Tape Systems

Denso is the first and original Petrolatum Tape, which was developed over 80 years ago for the "Long Life Protection" for above and below ground pipes, flanges and valves.  Denso’s Petrolatum Tape Systems can be easily applied to cold, wet and underwater surfaces. No matter the environment, the Petrolatum Tape is not affected by water, salts, acids or soil organics to provide corrosion protection to any water and wastewater industries. Denso North America, 9747 Whithorn Drive, Houston, TX 77095;

 Phone: 281-821-3355; Fax: 281-821-0304; Website:; Email: 


 Guard Products 

Guard Products 

Question: Are you tired of dealing with Struvite?  “ST-2520 STRUVITE REMOVER” is the answer to the impossible struvite problem. “ST-2520” is a mild cleaner, which effectively breaks down struvite deposits in hours. After Struvite is removed, you can easily keep the lines clean with “ST-2520”, just by dripping in a small dosage for maintenance. “ST-2520” has been proven safe on all substrates encountered, including equipment, valves, pipes, seals, ect.  We can also help eliminate your H2S with our earth friendly Sulfree™.    For more information go to 

Contact:  Marvin Fenyves – 970-420-9363   E-mail:   


Zoeller 8.1   Zoeller Engineered Products

Zoeller Engineered Products introduces their broad selection of 1 – 15 HP submersible solids handling pumps with vortex impellers. Vortex Pumps, recognized for their superior solids handling capabilities, are being successfully applied in the most challenging wastewater pumping applications. Zoeller offers these pumps in either 2.5” or 3” solids handling capacity. Discharge sizes are 3”, 4” and 6” with standard or explosion proof motors. For more information visit the Zoeller Engineered Products 



 AWT Oxiworks 
AWT Technologies

OXIWORKS® - diffuser for superior oxygen transfer and mixing, increasing efficiency and saving energy.
OXIWORKS® is a high efficiency diffuser for use in the extended aeration process of BIOWORKS® wastewater treatment plants. The OXIWORKS ® diffuser creates 1mm diameter air bubbles for aeration and mixing. Its unique features include oscillating floating laterals and suspended diffusers which move freely within the bioreactor between areas of high and low dissolved oxygen. OXIWORKS ® reduces the required mixing intensity (air) by up to 30% when compared to fixed systems. 

PH: +1 (912) 445-5021; email: info@; Website: www.   


Crane Pumps revised 
Crane Pumps

The Barnes SH Solids Handling Pumps are used in applications involving
sewage, effluent, waste water processing and other solids laden media.  It is available in both standard and explosion proof configurations.  Barnes Solids Handling pumps are constructed of durable cast iron with oil-filled motors to provide 50,000 hour bearing life, even at very low flows. The innovative impeller designs handle long stringy fibers and other challenging solids found in today's waste stream.  The plug-n-play technology reduces maintenance with the ability to change pumps without pulling and rethreading the cord through the conduit. The SH Series is available in 4,6 and 8 inch
discharge sizes, all able to pass minimum 3 inch solids with motors to 60 HP, heads to 265 feet and flows to over 3000 GPM. 






Rock Shield – Pipeline Protection Mesh
Denso has just released it new line of protection for pipeline coatings called Rock Shield.  This protective diamond mesh, manufactured from polyethylene, is great for protecting your pipeline coating from damaging rock backfills or any projects where pipelines are constructed through rocky terrains. We provide rolls of 100ft in length or can provide custom pads that are easily installed. Not only can it protect the pipeline coating from protrusions and abrasions, it is manufactured to withstand and stay flexible within extreme weather conditions and temperatures. We are able to provide a cost effective standard duty version and a heavy duty for those jobs that require a bit more protection. For further information on Denso’s new Rock Shield Protection, please contact your local Denso representative at 1-888-821-2300 or visit us online at



AWT Technologies 

ASBR Wastewater Treatment System – The #1 choice for high quality effluent at low capital investment and operating costs using state-of-the-art Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology. ASBR has a proven track record of installations worldwide, and provides an optimal process solution for a wide variety of municipal and industrial treatment applications. Other features of ASBR include: fewer tanks and less footprint than conventional treatment systems; high efficiency aeration minimizing power consumption; minimal equipment making maintenance easy and operation simple; and robust equipment ensuring long service life and reliability. Single or multiple basins give operational flexibility. From 5,000gpd to 50+ MGD. 

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GOC Technologies 

GOC Technologies has released the fourth product in its QuikSoil® line.QuikSoil® 2900 specifically targets biosolids odors and has been tested on more than 150,000 wet tons of biosolids.The product is a liquid applied to belt-pressed or centrifuged biosolids a single time.  Third party tests indicate 70% to 85% reductions in odor units, and individual tests for specific gases show similar reductions. QuikSoil® 2900 contains no perfumes, oils, or neutralizers.The product is completely composed of enzymes (proteins), co-enzymes (minerals), and complex carbohydrates. QuikSoil® 2900 is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. No special handling is required. For more information, call 888 227 8289, email, or go to 



J&S Valve  J&S Valve

J&S Valve began manufacturing resilient seated gate valves with the design concept of Improving the Industry Standard!  To achieve this it was decided to build a thick-wall C509 gate valve of all ductile iron, with a 304 stainless steel stem, aluminum bronze stem nut and stainless steel body and bonnet bolts.  The J&S all ductile iron gate valve body and bonnet thickness is as much as 54% ticker than the minimum required by AWWA C515.  The J&S’s superior design and materials is Improving the Industry Standards! Using J&S reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement of valves in water systems. Sizes 2” – 72”   

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JDV Equipment  JDV Equipment Corporation

The JDV Double Membrane Gas Holder is a proven design to store digester gas with low total cost of ownership. The storage system is easier to install, has lower upfront capital costs and requires lower operating capital when compared to other methods of gas storage. The unique design allows for variable gas storage within the inner membrane at constant pressure during gas production and utilization, while the air inflated outer membrane provides gas pressure and protection. The outer membrane is constructed of a high tech cross woven fabric, coated with PVC and Ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, which has proven to endure the weather elements for over 20 years. 


AZI  AZI Instruments

The Jerome® J605 has an accuracy of ±1 ppb at the calibration of 5 ppb - fullfilling the needs of the tightest of EPA requirements for hydrogen sulfide testing. The J605 has an incredible resolution of 20ppt and detects hydrogen sulfide vapor levels as low as 3 ppb with confidence. The J605 is housed in a light and ergonomically designed case, setting a new precedence for low-level, portable monitors. The industry-proven, gold film sensor has been upgraded and improved. The large display, onboard data logging, auto zeroing, and battery-powered sensor regeneration will make it easy to use and maintain the instrument in the field. Communication options and data acquisition are simple with USB communication, SCADA compatibility via 4-20mA output, and menu-driven programming options. 



HMT, Inc. 

HMT's clear span Aluminum Domes are custom engineered to accommodate a wide range of shapes, spans and operating service conditions.  HMT's Aluminum Domes are designed in full accordance with the latest revision of AWWA D100 or API 650, Appendix G.  Applications include water storage, wastewater treatment, clarifiers and thickeners as well as bulk storage.  All seams are designed with primary and secondary seal mechanisms. The utilization of the HMT Aluminum Dome Roof will eliminate rain water infiltration into the stored product.  HMT’s Aluminum Dome provides excellent odor abatement.  Let HMT put our three decades of experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of aluminum structures to work for you today.  

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Gill Trading 

Gill Trading/Weirwasher 

WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems and Belt Blaster are automated spray systems designed by, Inc. to control and clean unwanted debris build-up or growth.  Algae, plants, grease, sludge, scum, paper, pulp and other debris collection will be cleaned and controlled in clarifiers or thickeners by the WeirWasher .  Sludge, polymer, or industrial products impacted into a belt weave of gravity belt thickeners, belt presses or conveyors are cleaned during operation by Belt Blaster.  Automated designs reduce water consumption and chemical usage, reduce power usage, and improve staff safety by reducing risks associated with manual cleaning.  Video and quote requests


L&J Technologies  L&J Technologies

The S&J 97190 3-Way Selector Valve & the S&J 97570 Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester. The S&J 97190 3-Way Selector Valve permits the safe and efficient maintenance of redundant pressure relief systems without any process interruptions. The S&J 97570 Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester is a single, easy to configure package providing for pressure and vacuum relief, as well as positive flame stop on anaerobic digesters and gas holders containing methane gas mixtures. Together, these systems allow full flow from the primary system to be diverted to the secondary while providing positive shut off for the isolated system.

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MIKE URBAN combines DHI’s 30 years of excellence and innovation in water modeling with ESRI’s world leading GIS technology.  The result is a complete urban water modeling and GIS system that is setting a new industry standard for GIS integration, productivity, ease-of-use and visualization.  The concept behind MIKE URBAN is to have one software package for all urban water modeling activities, including stormwater drainage systems, sanitary collection systems, and water distribution systems.  This allows you to maximise your productivity and fully leverage your investment in GIS and water modeling software tools.



Delta Screens 

Delta Screens 

Header laterals promote even distribution while avoiding flow/pressure concentrations. Each header lateral consists of a series of screen laterals connected to a central header to provide uniform flow within a vessel containing treatment media. Header laterals can be used to either distribute inflow or collect flow, depending on their location within a vessel. Delta Screens builds header laterals to your specifications for material, wire and rod size, and open area to accommodate your media retention and flow rate requirements.

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 Atlas Copco   Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has introduced an entire line of ZS screw blowers, the company’s new and proven energy-efficient range for air blowing applications, that is on average 30 percent more energy-efficient than conventional lobe-style blower technology. The introduction of the ZS range, using internal compression instead of external compression sets a new standard for energy-efficiency in the industry.  Blowers can typically represent up to 70% of the total electricity cost in Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, and so by utilizing this new technology these plants will decrease energy costs while operating in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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 Zoeller Pump  Zoeller Pump Company

Zoeller Pump Company’s E810 Progressing Cavity Grinder Pump Retrofit readily adapts to existing progressing cavity grinder pump systems. The system contains a quick-disconnect coupling for easy use, installation and adaptation. The pump’s finned class 30 cast iron construction reduces heat, an arch-enemy to any electric motor. All Zoeller Progressing Cavity Grinder Pumps, with high head capabilities up to 240 feet, are designed for pressure sewer systems and 100% factory tested.

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Rig-A-Lite AZZ│RAL  

Rig-A-Lite AZZ│RAL is pleased to announce that our SAFR series of lighting fixtures are now available with LED lamping. This addition to our hazardous location fluorescent and HID product line will feature 60,000 or more hours of rated lamp life with competitive light output and either a traditional or a clear lens. A five-year warranty, 75 watts total power consumption and traditional, glare free design make it the luminaire of choice for engineers and plant professionals. The SAFR LED is rated for Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C & D, NEMA 3R & 4X as well as UL1598 wet locations. 




CAT Pumps   

CAT Pumps 

New industrial-duty, high-flow pressure regulators set system pressure, by-pass unused liquid during operation and protect pump from excessive pressure in positive displacement, reciprocating high-pressure pumping systems. The conical design piston and seat lowers the minimum by-pass flow from 10% to 5% and significantly extends valve life. These SS regulators are used with a variety of liquids including fresh water, sea water, clean oils, oilfield wastewater and chemicals. 7375: 10-75 gpm (38-284 lpm); 100-1000 psi (7-70 BAR). 7376: 10-75 gpm (38-284 lpm); 500-2000 psi(35-140 BAR). 




JWC Environmental 

JWC's Finescreen Monster for Even Finer Discharged Screenings. Part of JWC Environmental's Monster Separation System®, the Finescreen Monster® captures and removes more unwanted solids from wastewater and provides higher open area to maximize hydraulic performance. A two stage cleaning process with modular brushing system and wash water jets ensures the screen stays free flowing and clear. Continuous band of tough UHMW panels capture and lift the unwanted solids out of the waste stream. 





JWC Environmental 

The Honey Monster® SRS-XE is an improvement to JWC Environmental’s award winning Honey Monster. This automated Septage Receiving System uses a combination of grinding, solids removal, washing and dewatering to remove unwanted trash before septage is allowed to enter a wastewater treatment plant. It features an Auger Monster® screen with 1/4” (6mm) perforations that removes far more unwanted solids and trash than bar screens. The pivoting auger assembly allows for easy maintenance and allows for easy inspection and removal. The patented dual compartment compaction zone provides significant additional dewatering. The MonsterTrack™ control system is an optional that monitors septage flow and provides a receipt for haulers and accurate billing data for plant managers. 




700 Operators Can’t Be Wrong…The Ovivo Carrousel® System is one of the most widely accepted processes available for biological wastewater treatment. The Carrousel System, with over 700 U.S. installations, is praised for its durability, operational simplicity, low operating and maintenance costs, and ability to produce consistent effluent quality. Carrousel® is a registered trademark of DHV, B.V., the Netherlands.





Blue-White’s New FLEX-PRO® A4 benefits include: Outputs to 171 GPH/648 LPH, 2500:1 turndown ratio and continuous feed;  Output Pressure ratings to 125 psi/8.6 Bar; Automated PPM Dosing; Digital touch pad with menu driven software; No maintenance brushless variable speed motor; Patented Tube Failure Detection System; Heavy duty single piece rotor; LCD displays motor speed, input signal values, service and alarm status; Inputs include: 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, Pulse Signal inputs for external speed control, 30 VDC contact closure for remote start/stop, equipped with multiple analog and digital I/Os for SCADA system connections; Self priming even against maximum pressure, Bypass valves NOT required. 







Aqua Aerobic Systems Inc. 

AquaPASS Enhanced Nutrient Removal
The AquaPASS™ Phased Activated Sludge System utilizes time-based process management in a continuous flow regime. The system provides aggressive reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus in an efficient and compact solution with minimal O&M costs. The AquaPASS™ system is ideal for nitrogen control, phosphorus removal and water reuse applications. Website: 

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Brentwood Industries, Inc.
Trickling Filter Systems
Brentwood supplies trickling filter systems incorporating AccuPac® crossflow and vertical media and AccuPier® media supports, AccuWeb™ integrated fixed film/activated sludge (IFAS), Tube and Plate Settler systems for efficient clarification, and StormTank™ stormwater storage modules. 610 Morgantown Road, Reading, PA 19611 (USA). (610) 236-1100, fax (610) 236-1280.