December 2012, Vol. 24, No.12

From the editors

Heating up progress

Looking through the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) archives turned up the photo below. It shows a solids incinerator from about 1942, according to the notation on the photo. This was a device used simply to dispose of wasted, dewatered solids.

FTE artFast forward to today and those solids — and many other components in wastewater — are invaluable resources. “Transforming wastewater solids into ‘gold’ through incineration” on p. 36 shows just how far technology has come and how much energy can be extracted from solids.

This type of progress is a hallmark of the water sector. The paradox is that, until recently, many of these innovations remained relatively unsung outside of the water sector. But WEFTEC® 2012 in New Orleans added many avenues to get the word out and connect those who have great ideas with those who are seeking them. Read the full coverage of WEFTEC® 2012 in the WEFTEC report.


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