December 2012, Vol. 24, No.12


Odor- and corrosion-control system

The FORSe 5TMseries of high-efficiency odor- and corrosion-control systems for wastewater collection systems uses sustainable means to eliminate the source and production of odor and corrosion. The systems integrate onsite oxygen and ozone generation using a proprietary “hydrodynamic” infusion process and microprocessor controls in a quiet and compact package. The systems treat force mains, lift stations, or combinations of the two. The different models range in capacity to accommodate various flows and loads. They are designed for ease of use and require limited maintenance. Anue Water Technologies Inc. (Carlsbad, Calif.).



The Allweiler All-Optiflow® series of progressing-cavity pumps offers up to two times the flow of standard pumps for applications up to 6 bar (87 lb/in.2). These pumps are designed to move virtually any type of
liquid, including fibrous and solid materials. The pumps feature high power density to help reduce energy consumption as much as 15%, compared to standard progressive-cavity pumps. The shaft diameters are approximately 30% smaller, reducing friction by nearly 50%. The pumps feature low-friction rotors and shaft seals, as well as stators with a special surface. Colfax Fluid Handling (Monroe, N.C.).




The 6888 combustion fuel analyzer measures oxygen remaining in flue gases from such combustion processes as boilers, incinerators, kilns, process heaters, and industrial heating furnaces. The in situ design places a zirconium oxide sensing element at the end of a probe, which inserts directly into a flue-gas stream. Probe lengths are available from 18 in. to 12 ft, and a slip-mounting option provides the ability to mount a long probe at any insertion depth. The analyzer is fully field-repairable. Emerson (Irvine, Calif.).


USB isolators

The one-port Ulinx UHR401 and two-port Ulinx UHR402 USB isolators are designed to isolate and protect connected equipment from surges, spikes, and electrostatic discharges. Unlike consumer-grade USB hubs, these are built to withstand shock, drop, vibration, electromagnetic interference, and temperature extremes. They are equipped with high-retention ports that hold USB cables firmly in place to eliminate data loss and, in extreme cases, the risk of fire caused by arcing from loose cables. The isolators have a temperature range of –40°C to 80°C and provide Level-4 ESD protection (15-kV air, 8-kV contact), as well as 4-kV isolation between upstream and downstream USB ports. B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Ottawa, Ill.).


Bacterial load testing

The GreenLight® environmental series tests wastewater, drinking water, surface water, groundwater, and bottled water operations, as well as beaches and water parks. This technology uses a sensor that measures respiration of aerobic bacteria. It equates the change in oxygen level to the viable microbial load in a sample. Results for nondisinfected final effluent can be obtained within 45 minutes. Ultraviolet disinfected final effluent requires up to 6 hours. Speed depends on the number of colony-forming units present. Model 930 targets high throughput and is fully automated, using a 24-position carousel system. Model 910 accommodates a 15-mL vial in a compact package that is suitable for main water treatment plants, wastewater, fieldlab, or quality control use. Results for both units are recorded automatically. Baseline–MOCON
(Lyons, Colo.).



The PATROL Series PAX 5 generation of 105-dB(A) industrial flashing sounders are designed to warn of hazardous situations or production problems in factories, water and waste treatment facilities, commercial
offices, sports arenas, hotels, and other buildings, as well as aboard ships. Applications include evacuation signals for fire, toxic gas leaks, or chemical spills, as well as warnings for impending startup or movement. Pfannenberg Group (Hamburg, Germany.).



The 756 Series M12 Socket Ethernet adapter simplifies the integration of machine-mount IP67 components with IP20 controls. Providing tool-free terminations, the D-Coded M12 Adapter features a traditional cable-based RJ45 Ethernet socket that routes data through a screw-locking M12 connector. A panel-mount design and availability in right-angle (756-9503) and straight (756-9504) variants eases integration into existing systems. The adapters provide Class D (up to 100 MHz) transmission performance. The adapters are 360-degree shielded to Category 5 standards to support data transmission to and from components in harsh environments. WAGO Corp. (Germantown, Wis.).


Flexible adhesive

EP30D-10 is designed to offer the strength, flexibility, performance, and adhesive qualities associated with epoxies, along with the toughness and abrasion resistance of polyurethanes. The adhesive resists thermal cycling and chemicals, including water, inorganic salts, acids, and alkalis. Serviceable over temperatures ranging from 4 K to 220°F, the adhesive has been used in numerous cryogenic applications. It cures at room temperature — more rapidly at elevated temperatures — and develops a tensile strength of 1500 lb/in.2 and an elongation exceeding 150% at 75°F. It bonds with metals, wood, concrete, glass, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics. The adhesive contains no solvents or diluents and is formulated to cure with minimal shrinkage. Master Bond (Hackensack, N.J.).



Sili Kroil enhanced lubricant is engineered to loosen frozen metal parts and provide lubrication to keep parts moving. Oils penetrate to 1-millionth-inch spaces to break bonds due to rust, corrosion, contamination,
or compression and provide lubrication at the molecular level. Once freed, dimethyl silicones provide extra-long-lasting lubrication. The lubricant is intended for frozen bearings, slides, gate valves, hinges, and chains. The addition of silicone enhances its water displacement qualities and improves performance as cutting oil. Kano Laboratories (Nashville, Tenn.).


Flow monitor

The Qstart™ flow monitor with multiple technology sensors and software enables field crews to set up and activate the ADS FlowShark Triton, FlowAlert™, RainAlert™ II, and FlowShark monitors in minutes. The system also enables users to collect and review the meter’s depth and velocity data in hydrograph and tabular views simultaneously. All data collected can be viewed in the field and exported in CSV format for import into the desktop software of the user’s choice. ADS Environmental Services® (Huntsville, Ala.).



The CDA-22 chlorine dioxide analyzer measures concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 20 ppm. With a panel-mounted plumb-and-play design and automatic flow control, the analyzer is a complete measurement system. It features a polarographic gold/silver polytetrafluoride-ethylene membrane amperometric chlorine dioxide sensor, which operates at a temperature range of zero to 100°C (32°F to 212°F). The analyzer is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and to run up to 1 year between electrolyte/membrane changes. Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. (Irvine, Calif.).


Channel grinder

The redesigned Moyno® Series 3 C3A channel grinder produces on average 30% more flow, compared to the original Annihilator Series C3. The grinder provides greater flexibility and management of channel and flow conditions for a variety of user requirements and can be retrofitted to current C3 grinders, as well as competitor units, while continuing to use existing motor and drive adapters. The grinder also can be used to reduce flow bottlenecks without expanding the channel or plant. Other features includea one-piece casting top plate with adaptor cover, top stack tightening, shrouded seal design, and hardened couplings. Moyno
(Springfield, Ohio).


Pipette check station

The NewClassic MS105 semi-micro balance converts from a laboratory balance with 0.01-mg readability into a stand-alone pipette check station. An evaporation trap is the only external device needed if the pipetting volume is smaller than 50 µg. The trap keeps humidity levels stable during the check and minimizes evaporation for accurate testing. Distilled water is pipetted onto the balance and converted to a volumetric value. An application built into the balance firmware guides users through the check process. Systematic and random pipette errors are calculated automatically in absolute and relative values. Results are displayed and can be printed for traceability or comparison with the manufacturer’s tolerances. Mettler Toledo (Columbus, Ohio).



Stonchem linings are seamless, resinous systems that protect underlying substrates from a broad range of chemicals, including most fuels, salts, oils, alkalis, acids, and petroleum. Designed to resist corrosion and
abrasion, temperature extremes, and chemical attack, the systems are U.S. National Science Foundation 61 Potable Water approved. The linings provide protection for secondary containment, clarifiers, equalization basins, digesters, and walls. They can be applied over many substrates and on both horizontal and vertical surfaces to restore safety and productivity. Stonhard (Maple Shade, N.J.)


Stainless enclosures

The 1418, 1422, and the HN4SS series of stainless enclosures are designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic controls and instruments. The units are installed in oil and gas facilities, water treatment plants, food manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical production, and other industries where equipment may be hosed down, very wet, or where corrosion is a problem. All units include heavy-duty stainless steel lifting eyes. The doors are mounted on continuous hinges and sealed with a seamless poured-in-place gasket. Users have a choice of closure options or traditional clamp covers. Enclosures are available in a wide range of heights, widths, and depths. Hammond Manufacturing (Guelph, Ontario).



MasoSine pumps are designed to handle abrasive and viscous fluids up to 10 million centipoise. The pumps transfer shear-sensitive materials with ease and have a suction capability of more than 80% vacuum. The pumps are capable of being cleaned in place, and various modifications are available, depending on the product being pumped and the cleaning protocol used. It is easily disassembled for manual clean out of place. Watson–Marlow Pumps Group (Wilmington, Mass.).



The MX-Series of multiplexers is designed to transmit up to 16 channels of bidirectional electrical information over a pair of fiber-optic cables. The multiplexers feature input/output module selections that include 4–20mA, 0–10VDC, contact closure and RS-232/485. The base unit connects directly to fiber-optic cable and provides a visual indication of the fiber link status. Power is supplied to the base unit through an external
24-VDC power supply. Each base unit has a duplex optical port configured for use with 1300-nm wavelength, single or multimode optical fiber, and is capable of supporting distances up to 80 km between points. An
integrated backplane enables communications from the base unit to the input/output modules with no external wiring and no programming. The input/output modules are available in two- and four-channel versions. Ultra Electronics–NSPI (Round Rock, Texas).


Imprintable label

These solvent-resistant, durable data labels provide permanent lifelong adhesion and resistance to aggressive chemicals and such solvents as acetone, MEK, and hydraulic brake fluids to ensure that product
data remains legible. The computer-printable surface coating allows variable data (serial numbers and barcodes) to be printed in minutes straight from an existing PC and thermal-transfer printer. This creates a “print-and-apply” solution for solvent-resistant labeling that eliminates over-laminating and secondary lacquers. Computer Imprintable Label Systems (Burlington, Mass.).


Filtration system

The Engineered Filtration System design is fully automated and includes the option for remote monitoring. The system is designed for applications, such as membrane bioreactors, tertiary treatment, wastewater
polishing, industrial process wastewater treatment, prefiltration to reverse osmosis, groundwater treatment, landfill leachate, oil/gas-produced water, and many other filtration applications. The system is installer-friendly and provides easy connections from membrane towers to filtration components. SJE-Rhombus® (Detroit Lakes, Minn.).


Ultrafiltration skids

The DOW IntegraPac™ skid product line is a series of compact pre-engineered and streamlined ultrafiltration skids. Available in many sizes to suit various needs, the skids are pre-engineered to require fewer parts and material than traditional designs. The modules end caps, with built-in interconnectivity and standardized parts, eliminate the need for welding, grinding, painting, and cutting. The skids also use proven ltrafiltration membrane technology, which is based on technically advanced H-PVDF hollow fiber, with uniform pore size and outside-in flow configuration. Dow Water & Process Solutions (Edina, Minn.).


Remote monitoring

The Messenger™ GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit provides real-time operating status of tank level, pumps, and other instruments associated with groundwater remediation systems. It supports remote predictive maintenance while reducing equipment downtime, labor, and costs associated with field equipment repairs. Configurable for many sensor types and expandable to 16 inputs, the unit tracks such parameters as
liquid level, pressure, temperature, and flow. When it detects a problem, an alarm processor notifies personnel via telephone or computer. The system communicates via standard phone line or optional cellular data or Ethernet interfaces. Units are designed with an international power supply and self-contained battery backup. Global Monitoring LLC (Springfield, Pa.).


Metering pumps

The Chem-Pro® C2 and C3 metering pumps are designed with 0.5-in. ball check valves in the PVDF pump head for pumping viscous fluids. Other features include a rugged die cast gear motor enclosed in a chemical-resistant housing of polyester-powder-coated metal for wash-down applications. The pumps also feature a built-in controller with remote speed control via 4–20mA pulse inputs, 100:1 turndown ratio, data flow diagram, built-in leak detection system, and flow verification system. Maximum output is 42.0-gal/h maximum pressure is 175 lb/in.2/12 bar, and suction lift 15 ft of water. The backlit LCD displays percentage of motor speed and diaphragm failure alarm. Blue-White Industries (Huntington Beach, Calif.).



The advanced Wafer-Cone® flowmeter is ideal for gas or liquid service in line sizes from 1 to 6 in. The meter’s flangeless design makes installation fast and easy, while the interchangeable cone offers flexibility
to accommodate changing flow conditions without recalibrating. When flow conditions dictate, the cone can be removed and replaced with a cone of a different beta ratio. The flowmeter can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or be retrofit into an existing piping layout. There are no moving parts and no maintenance. McCrometer (Hemet, Calif.).


Security system

CyberLock access control enables users to track and control access throughout a facility. The system includes electronic locks and keys that enable water utilities to control and monitor entry gates, chemical feed
areas, watersheds, water wells, and other water sources. The electronic locks and keys record openings, including unauthorized entries. Detailed audit reports of each user’s key activity and the system’s email alerts keep management updated when security issues arise. Videx Inc. (Corvallis, Ore.).



This line of multiplexers are designed to transmit up to 16 channels of bidirectional electrical information over a pair of fiber optic cables. The MX-Series input/output module selections include 4–20mA, 0-10 VDC, contact closure, and RS-232/485. The base unit connects directly to fiber optic cable and provides a visual indication of the fiber link status. Power is supplied to the base unit through an external 24-VDC  ower supply. Each base unit has a duplex optical port configured for the 1300-nm wavelength, single or multi-mode optical fiber, and is capable of supporting distances up to 80 km between points. An integrated backplane allows for communications from the base unit to the input/output modules with no external wiring. Ultra Electronics NSPI (Round Rock, Texas).


Level switch

The SOR®1540, a horizontally mounted, float-operated level switch, is designed to fit all 2-in. national pipe thread coupling installations without interference from process buildup. It is suitable for plant and OEM applications where a pneumatic valve operation reacts to the presence or absence of liquid at a discrete level. The float arm moves a magnet, which in turn moves a shuttle that either blocks or allows pilot pressure to pass and operate ancillary equipment. The switch handles pilot pressures up to 80 lb/in.2. Users can choose between a 30- and 80-lb/in.2 version to better match system specifications. SOR Inc. (Lenexa, Kan.



The TX-M12 series of temperature transmitters are housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure and are designed to provide fast, secure, and watertight connections for both the sensor and the instrumentation. At a fraction of the size of standard head-mounted transmitters, these units measure 38 mm in diameter with a height of 20 mm and a weight of 100 grams. The integral M12 connectors maintain IP67 protection, while allowing for a quick and simple change of sensor. Two outputs are available with either 4–20-mA or 0-10 VDC with an accuracy of ± 0.2°C + 0.05% of reading. OMEGA (Stamford, Conn.).


Dilution systems

The HydroDose system provides a compact, vertical, rotomolded, 15-gal plastic tank mounted on heavy-duty wheels with a built-in handle that utilizes a Dosatron® proportioner and patent-pending double-flow system to provide higher dilution dosing of chemicals that require high dilution rates. The system works solely on water pressure to operate the dilution systems, eliminating any electrical requirements. BioSafe
Systems LLC
(East Hartford, Conn.).


Sampling pump

The new SM100 Sampling Pump Module draws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 L/min from monitored areas to a gas detector, making it easier and more cost effective to measure potentially hazardous gases in areas that are too remote, inaccessible, cold, hot, or wet for direct sensor monitoring. The user-friendly module supplies gas for up to three gas detectors. The system also features a low-flow indicator,
which informs the user if flow is insufficient for gas detection. It is available in two configurations, an aspirated model that is used with a compressed air source and a DC pump module. General Monitors (Lake
Forest, Calif.).



The S-tubeimpeller is designed to offer greater hydraulic efficiency than any other type of wastewater impeller and not compromise free passage. There are no edges, dead zones, or cutting functions that get worn over time. It features a patented labyrinth and sealing system designed for years of trouble-free operation. The impeller is tube-shaped in a pump housing that matches the tube shape through the entire pump. It is designed to cut, shred, or treat the wastewater as it flows through the pump. Grundfos (Bjerringbro, Denmark).


Signal sensor

The ZSSC3026 sensor combines high-accuracy amplification, 16-bit precision analog-to-digital conversion, and an 18-bit DSP for linearization and calibration functions. The sensor provides special features for battery-driven, low-power devices. Designed initially for high-resolution altimeter module applications, it is ideal for use in any device that requires high accuracy and low power consumption. The sensor is suited for applications in mobile devices and supports industrial and medical applications. Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (Dresden, Germany)



Bell & Gossett Circuit Setter® Plus balance valves feature integrated pressure and temperature ports to easily verify flow rates and temperatures. The valves are energy-efficient balancing devices that minimize the cost to operate plumbing and HVAC systems. Other features include sizes from 0.5 to 3 in., bidirectional design, 400 lb/in.2 working pressures, and stainless steel construction. Xylem (Morton Grove, Ill.).


Permeation tubes

Trace Source™ permeation tubes are used to blend calibration-gas standards for hazardous air pollutants, such as phenol, toluene, triethylamine, naphthalene, and 2,4-diisocyanate. The tubes emit a constant flow of vapor when held at constant temperature. The flow is measured by monitoring the rate of weight loss of the tube. Mixtures are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology standards through fundamental measurements (weight change, temperature, etc.). Using the company’s FlexStream™ automated gas standards generator system can provide concentrations from above threshold limit value levels down to low parts per trillion. Mixtures can be either dry or humidified to accurately simulate ambient air samples. Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc. (La Marque, Texas).


Power supply

The 24-V Switching family of power supplies provides flexible, wide-range inputs to meet a diverse range of applications. Designed to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), these power supplies provide safety and extra-low voltage according to EN 60950. Offering a wide-range input between 90 and 260 VAC, the 24-VDC power supply can be used in diverse supply networks worldwide. Through the use of an onboard potentiometer, the output voltage can be adjusted from 22.5 up to 28.5 VDC, and styles are available with an output current strength of 2.5, 5, 10, or 20 A. This power supply can be run in parallel for
applications requiring redundancy and includes overload protection of up to 150%. TURCK (Minneapolis).



The bulk-bag unloader is designed to combine the efficiency and reliability of mechanical discharge, accurate feeding, and complete bulk-bag discharge. Each unit incorporates an arch breaker spindle mounted with flexible blades that extract bulk chemicals while preventing the jamming, bridging, or compaction often seen with vibration systems. The unloader can be used to inject powdered activated carbon, lime, and soda ash. Depending on the process, the discharger can be integrated with up to four independent screw feeders, which enable accurate distribution to different injection points with a single unloader. Sodimate Inc.


Flow filter

The redesigned hydrocarbon flow filter uses a nonwoven geotextile fabric in conjunction with C.I.Agent, a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers. As water flows through the filter, hydrocarbons are captured and turned into a rubberlike solid. The filter encapsulates gasoline, diesel, refined oils, and sheen. Applications include storm-drain inserts, cooling towers, electrical substations, secondary containment vaults, and retention pond outflows. Sizes are available up to 24 in. long with 2- to 8-in. national pipe thread diameters. Custom sizes can be manufactured for specific applications. C.I.Agent Solutions (Louisville, Ky.).


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