March 2014, Vol. 26, No.3



Product Focus: Tanks & storage

Egg-shaped digesters 
These prestressed concrete, egg-shaped digesters are custom designed to complement the digester technology inside and operate virtually maintenance-free for decades. They can be used for nearly any application, including wastewater treatment, food processing, organic waste digestion, and ethanol production. They are essentially self-cleaning. The egg shape is designed to provide the most energy-efficient mixing configuration and has a lower cost than conventional digesters. DN Tanks (El Cajon, Calif.). 

Epoxy system 
The EP79FL is a two-part, electrically conductive epoxy for bonding, sealing, and coating applications. It has low-volume resistivity of less than 0.005 ohm-cm and is suitable for a variety of uses in the electronics, aerospace, computer, semiconductor, and electro-optic industries. In addition to its electrical properties, the system is flexible upon curing, enabling it to be used in applications involving thermal cycling as well as thermal and mechanical shocks. It adheres well to metals, composites, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics while offering a T-peel strength that exceeds 25 pounds per linear inch. The system is serviceable in temperatures ranging from 4K to +275°F, enabling it to be used in cryogenic environments. It also has a convenient 1:1 mix by weight, and cures at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. It can be applied with minimal sagging or dripping, even on vertical surfaces. The system is available in syringes, glass jars, or in premixed and frozen syringes. Master Bond Inc. (Hackensack, N.J.).  

The KSV severe service knife gate valve is designed to withstand high pressures and abrasive slurries. Numerous features make this valve ideal for isolation in high-pressure, high-density slurry lines. The rigid one-piece body, 100% diameter port, hard-faced gate, and rotatable seat rings make it well-suited for rigorous applications. The valves are pressure/temperature rated to ANSI B16.34 Class 150 and 300, and are available in sizes 3 to 60 in. (80 to 1500 mm). DeZURIK (Sartell, Minn.).   

The AST46DS explosion proof pressure transducer features zero-function capability, voltage or 4–20 mA output signals, and 316L stainless steel sensor materials for pressures from 1 to 20,000 lb/in.2. The voltage output signal is ideal for oil and gas well-site applications. The transducer can operate as low an 8 VDC and has current consumption with voltage outputs as low as 2 mA. The housing has a special, layered paint suitable for NEMA 4X environments and salt spray conditions. Using 316L stainless steel, the transducer is compliant to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156. It comes standard with a 316L stainless steel 0.5-in. NPT male process connection. Additional material options include Alloy 718 and C276. Outputs of 1 to 5 V or 4–20 mA are standard. American Sensor Technologies Inc. (Mt. Olive Township, N.J.).  


Temperature transducers 
The MINI analog family now includes two universal software-programmable temperature transducers. These transducers convert and condition signals from most common resistance temperature detectors, as well as thermocouple temperature sensors. The new transducers offer a wide power circuit input range of 9.6 to 30 VDC, making for easy implementation into battery powered or remote systems. The transducers are compatible with sensors with customer-specific temperature curves and sensors that meet international standards. The hot-swappable signal conditioning slices simply clip to the powering T-bus connector without removing bus bars or bridging. Optional quick-cabling solutions also are available to interface the modules to controllers. Phoenix Contact (Middletown, Pa.).  

USB hub   
The UH104 four-port mini USB hub is used to connect multiple peripheral devices to a single USB port. Powered by the host USB port, the system provides downstream devices with 100 mA of power and high-speed USB connectivity at 480 Mbps. Designed for easy mounting in harsh environments and cramped spaces, the hub features a rugged acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic housing, built-in mounting tabs, a wide (–40°C to 80°C) operating temperature capability, and the company’s signature high-retention USB connectors that require up to 3.4 lb of force to disconnect. The system is made primarily for industrial automation, instrumentation, security, kiosks, point-of-sale, and laboratory market applications. The hub is designed, tested, and proven rugged enough for industrial EN61000-6-1 harsh environments. Its construction was validated using IEC60068-2-32 drop testing and also adheres to 15-kV ESD protection and FCC/CISPR Class B standards. B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Ottawa, Ill.).  

Computer platform 
The new UC-8100 series computer and software platform offer a complete monitoring service for any and all of the remote field devices. The computer is designed to act as a compact, highly flexible, vendor-agnostic data logger that connects to inverters, string combiners, smart meters, and other devices made by any manufacturer. The computer transmits collected data over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular netoworks. The software platform collects data from multiple data loggers at multiple locations, and enables systems providers to manage each data logger and attached device remotely. Both the computer and the software package are scheduled for release in early 2014. Moxa Americas Inc. (Brea Calif.). 


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