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April 2009, Vol. 21, No.4

Featured Articles

Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from wastewater treatment processes have become a greater concern and are increasingly being calculated and evaluated when determining the long-term sustainability of a treatment scheme. While GHG inventories are currently a topic of significant interest, they are only one factor of overall sustainability.


Phosphorus Removal on a Small Scale


As total phosphorus limits tighten at almost all municipal wastewater treatment affected communities must assess biological phosphorus removal (BPR) treatment options. Each facility’s unique conditions must be measured and weighed to determine which treatment option is the best.



Purchasing for Water Security


Governments and municipalities are committing capital toward buying water rights or land to ensure long-term supply for ecosystems and populations

Securing water flow and storage for the future is becoming more critical every year in areas that continue to experience acute water shortages. As a safeguard against drought, more efforts are being made by governments and municipalities to purchase land, water shares, or entitlements — acquisitions to protect people and natural systems from running out of water. But as the market value of water is driven higher, enticing water rights holders to sell, communities and industries in regions where water is leaving could face uncertain futures.

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Coming in the next issue:


How Chemical Phosphorus Removal Really Works. Researchers have proposed a better model for explaining this process.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories. An inventory of greenhouse gases is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle.

Another Reason Not to Landfill. Composting can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Phosphorus Removal on a Small Scale. Evaluating biological phosphorus removal options at small- to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants.

Incremental Improvement. Operators build a suitable solids handling system one project at a time.

Decoding Nitrogen Terminology. A quick guide to the many forms and acronyms associated with nitrogen monitoring and measurement.