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March 2009, Vol. 21, No.3

Featured Articles

Better Treatment Focusing on SRT, Not Solids Inventory


The activated sludge process is widely used because of its performance, versatility, and controllability. Unfortunately, its controllability also may be the source of operating problems, including poor solids settleability and noncompliant effluent quality. Even when properly designed, operated, and maintained, an activated sludge process is expensive and will only become more so as power costs increase.


Under Pressure To Perform


During the past 12 years, the pump maintenance unit of the Oakland County (Mich.) Water Resource Commissioner (WRC) has learned many lessons about operating and maintaining its 342 air-release and vacuum-release valves. Have a look at several of WRC’s strategies and find out how proper operation and maintenance activities ensure Oakland County’s force mains and pressure sewers convey sanitary flow reliably and efficiently.



From Planes to WWTPs


Often, a technology’s initial application is only the beginning of its usefulness. After a technology is proven in one industry, another may adapt it to suit its needs. As wastewater treatment professionals look to improve efficiencies, some are turning to technologies that originated far afield from wastewater treatment — in aerospace, for instance.

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Coming in the next issue:


How Chemical Phosphorus Removal Really Works. Researchers have proposed a better model for explaining this process.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories. An inventory of greenhouse gases is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle.

Another Reason Not to Landfill. Composting can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Phosphorus Removal on a Small Scale. Evaluating biological phosphorus removal options at small- to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants.

Incremental Improvement. Operators build a suitable solids handling system one project at a time.

Decoding Nitrogen Terminology. A quick guide to the many forms and acronyms associated with nitrogen monitoring and measurement.