September 2009, Vol. 21, No.9

From the Editors

Operations Forum Editor’s Note

Bringing It All Together

— Steve Spicer, editor

Each year WEFTEC® brings together thousands of water quality professionals to discuss everything from the biggest issues facing the industry to the smallest details of how to eke performance out of a piece of equipment. Information is presented, experiences are shared, products are introduced, and awards are handed out.

But the exchange of facts and figures just scratches the surface of what happens. Informal conversations after technical sessions or in the exhibition tend to bring together groups of engineers, operators, and manufacturers who normally wouldn’t cross paths. As they listen to each other’s thoughts and opinions, new perspectives on old problems emerge. Soon everyone is scribbling notes on the back of business cards, conference programs, or whatever scraps of paper they can find to capture the new ideas being created.

These conversations generate a type of quiet excitement — a creativity and ingenuity — that participants carry with them to their next meeting or technical session. Over the course of the conference, this energy grows and is put to work tackling difficult issues and then follows the participants home.

It’s impossible to nail down exactly how that energy is created. Maybe it comes from being away from the daily pressures of home. Maybe it grows from knowing you’re surrounded by thousands of people with shared interests. Whatever the source, WEFTEC provides the opportunity and atmosphere to bring it all together.

Steve Spicer, editor

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