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November 2006, Vol. 18, No.11

Featured Articles

Are You looking Into Your Outfalls?


At most wastewater treatment plants, an outfall pipe or channel conveys treated effluent to an adjacent receiving stream or other body of water. To limit impacts to the receiving stream, utilities often install a diffuser system on the end of the outfall pipe that increases the dilution of the effluent into the ambient water.


Biosolids Dryer Safety


An increasing number of municipalities are selecting thermal drying as the solution for the growing problems associated with biosolids disposal. However, it is important to incorporate the appropriate electrical, mechanical, and process safeguards into the drying process.

Operating these drying systems requires a well-trained staff that is intimately familiar with the dryer’s operation and safety interlocks. Otherwise, potential safety hazards may be inadvertently introduced, outweighing the benefits of converting to a Class A product. 



Sustainability Revisited


Back in 1996, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) released a report on sustainability in the United States. Titled Sustainable America: A New Consensus for Prosperity, Opportunity, and a Healthy Environment for the Future, the report included a list of 140 recommended actions to help ensure the long-term health of our planet — from restoring brownfield sites to addressing urban sprawl. While the list had great promise, most of these goals have not been met.

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Coming in the next issue:


Our Annual Operations Challenge Issue
In December we pay tribute to the popular Operations Challenge competition, a highlight of WEFTEC®.06. This year, returning Texan champions TRA CReWSers defended their title on home turf. Get all the action in our behind-the-scenes coverage.

WE&T will take you inside WEFTEC.06. From the innovations of the exhibit floor to in-depth information on hot topics such as compounds of emerging concern, WE&T will have it all.


Plus …

  • After the Storm. The executive director of the New Orleans water utility shares what the city faces in dealing with FEMA, U.S. EPA, and contractors.
  • Creative Financing. Increase project affordability with available funding.
  • The Fine Art of Screening. Use of a fine screen conjures up a unique set of design considerations and challenges.
  • Time Out. Remove pharmaceuticals with longer solids retention times.

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