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December 2011
Editorial Focuses: Operations Challenge, Energy management, Biosolids and residuals, and Clarification Featured Articles:

f2011 Operations Challenge: Full coverage of the competition, the winners, and the significance of the 24th annual Operations Challenge

Are you burning nonhazardous waste?: Owners of wastewater solids incineration facilities face stricter air emissions limits and may have to upgrade or reconsider incineration as they feel the impact of the new MACT emission limits

November 2011
Editorial Focuses: Membranes, Instrumentation, Industrial pretreatment, Watershed management  Featured Articles: How MBRs grew more efficient: Seven designs illustrate the technology’s evolution to a mature and cost-competitive component of wastewater treatment

Installation and startup of advanced process controls: What went wrong and how to fix it 

October 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Stormwater, Nutrient removal, Financial management, Fats, oils, and grease 

Featured Articles:

Bottling up the overflows: High-flow management program optimizes wet weather operations to reduce CSOs

Financing through alternative delivery options: Guaranteeing the success of energy-efficiency and process optimization projects 

September 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Sustainabilty, Workforce issues, Lab Practices

Featured Articles:

Nutrient compliance and a bigger carbon footprint?: Life-cycle assessments can help wastewater treatment plants strike a balance among competing environmental impacts

Exam in progress: A guide to preparing for certification

August 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Water reclamation and reuse, Tertiary treatment, Thickening and dewatering, and Distributed systems

Featured Articles:

Expanding Orange County’s Groundwater Replenishment System: Lessons learned with existing system result in improvements for current expansion

Side by side by side: Testing of three filtration technologies for unrestricted water reuse applications and tertiary level discharge

July 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Energy management, Sewer rehabilitation, Odor control, Process optimization


Featured Articles:

What you know can save you: Understanding your options for purchasing electricity is the first step toward managing costs more effectively 

June 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Filtration, Membranes, Activated sludge, Information management 

Featured Articles:

Four MBRs are better than one: Paulding County, Ga., used a decentralized configuration to effectively reclaim treated wastewater and combat growing pains

Maximize filtration effectiveness: Solids loading controls tertiary filter run time 

May 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Biosolids & residuals, Collection systems, Maintenance, Microconstituents  

Featured Articles:

Data? Why do we need that? Using data to drive collection system maintenance

Nothing to fear: Screening assessment helps Ohio utility put the risks of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in perspective 

April 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Nutrient removal, Stormwater, Bioenergy 

Featured Articles:

Maximum benefits: Upgrade provides biological nutrient removal despite unusually high phosphorus loading

Remote gate control maximizes interceptor storage and minimizes CSOs: Lowell, Mass., uses real-time remote control to reduce combined sewer overflows

WET_cover1_March11 90
March 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Pumps, Disinfection, Corrosion control, Public outreach and education

Featured Articles:

Your pumps may be stealing from you: The operations and maintenance practices that increase efficiency

Sizing UV disinfection systems: A method for comparing apples to oranges 

February 2011
Editorial Focuses:

Thickening and dewatering, CSOs/SSOs, water reclamation and reuse, watershed management 

Featured Articles:

Building pipelines, community lifelines: Through a collaborative process, Racine, Wis., finds a sustainable solution for wet weather overflows

Dewatering from the living room: A low-cost sludge-thickening system leads to lower hauling costs and remote operation 

January 2011
Editorial Focuses:

2011 State of the Industry, membranes, preliminary treatment (headworks/screening), utility management

Featured Articles:

Designing communication, one link at a time: Training and digital logbooks help close the communications gaps

Don’t let your model sit on a shelf: Getting the most out of your model