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December 2013
Editorial Focuses: Operations Challenge, Biosolids, Stormwater, Industrial wastewaters Featured Articles:

Operations Challenge 2013  

Echo Park Lake revival: Rehabilitation gives Los Angeles Lake fans reasons to rejoice

November 2013
Editorial Focuses: Membranes; Flow measurement & control; Fats, oils, and grease; Energy and resource recovery    Featured Articles:

Spreading the wealth: California utility sells surplus renewable energy generated at its water resource recovery facility    

During the deluge: Understanding data from ultrasonic level meters

October 2013
Editorial Focuses: Preliminary treatment, Thickening & dewatering, Decentralized systems, Watershed management Featured Articles: Gritty information: Using data for more-effective preliminary wastewater treatment

Shaking the sand out: Grit-removal design requires several considerations in facility retrofits and additions

September 2013
Editorial Focuses: Permitting & trading, Maintenance, Technical innovations, public outreach Featured Articles:

Greensboro experience: Addition of a second fluid-bed sewage sludge incinerator at T.Z. Osborne Water Reclamation Facility and its compliance with the new MACT emission requirements  

You’ve got grit-slurry problems. Now what?: Design strategies for successful grit-slurry pumping systems serving large combined sewer systems

August 2013
Editorial Focuses: Disaster resiliency, Green infrastructure, Smart water management, Moving and fixed film bioreactors Featured Articles:

Water, wastewater, and stormwater agencies respond to extreme weather events: Case studies on community response, lessons learned, and resiliency in the future  

From manual to automatic at Spring Creek: How designers and operators teamed up to smooth the transition

July cover 90
July 2013
Editorial Focuses: Nutrient removal, Activated sludge, Sewer rehabilitation, Pumps Featured Articles: Dynamic modeling of cyclic aeration process for biological nutrient removal: An innovative activated sludge process, coupled with an advanced control system, helped the Hampden Township (Pa.) Roth Lane facility meet strict nitrogen and phosphorus effluent limits

A state of urgency: Expanding pipe ratings for sewer pipe triage

June 2013
Editorial Focuses:

Stormwater, Watershed management, Clarification, Information systems security


Featured Articles:

Who owns the rain? Water rights for rainwater harvesting  

When it rains, it pours: A rainfall monitoring approach for the sewer community

May 2013
Editorial Focuses: Water supply and management, Collection systems, Disinfection, Utility management  Featured Articles: Fast track to quench thirst in Midland, Texas: Special delivery provides rapid relief for drought-stricken city

Sacramento, Calif.’s ‘pipe dream’ = data accuracy and big savings: A lab built to mimic real-world sewer conditions improves data quality and working conditions 

April 2013
Editorial Focuses:

Editorial topics: 

Green infrastructure, Energy and resource recovery, Nutrient removal, Biosolids & residuals 


Featured Articles:

Going green to save green: The City of Lancaster, Pa., develops an integrated green infrastructure plan to reduce CSOs and stormwater and nutrient runoff


The Banklick constructed wetland: Moving the water quality needle using innovative natural treatment system design

March 2013
Editorial Focuses: Filtration, Reuse, Asset management, CSOs/SSOs Featured Articles:

Reusing wastewater with papermaking quality in mind: A paper mill studies the feasibility of effluent treatment with a membrane bioreactor/reverse-osmosis pilot system.

The right fit for granular medium filtration: Optimizing granular medium filters to decrease capital, operational, and maintenance needs.

February 2013
Editorial Focuses: Sustainability, Workforce planning, Infrastructure funding, Pumps Featured Articles:

Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center: Demonstrating and teaching sustainable water resources management 


What to do when the bubble has burst: A Georgia water utility has to respond quickly to historic personnel loss 

January 2013
Editorial Focuses: 2013 State of the Industry, Automation & controls, Odor & corrosion control, Membranes Featured Articles:

Grappling with data: Public participation GIS for TMDL compliance

CMMS facilitates condition-based maintenance: Saving money for municipal water systems