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December 2014
Editorial Focuses: Operations Challenge, Biosolids & residuals, Aeration, Moving and fixed-film reactors Featured Articles:

Operations Challenge 2014: Terminal Velocity earns record-setting fifth-consecutive Division 1 win  

Seeking sustainable biosolids management solutions through a TBL lens: Recent research findings advance the understanding of sustainable biosolids management through triple-bottom-line analysis

November 2014
Editorial Focuses: Pumps & pump stations, Filtration, Stormwater, Clarification Featured Articles:

When community and infrastructure collide: Creating long-term public outreach opportunities with water infrastructure projects  

Floating a fix: Substrate challenges require creative foundation in stormwater project

October 2014
Editorial Focuses: Nutrient removal, Automation & controls, Disinfection, Reuse Featured Articles: Model extension gives BNR bugs a carbon-based boost: A novel, and needed, glycerin model enhances activated sludge systems

September 2014
Editorial Focuses: Disaster resiliency, Public outreach & communication, Watershed management Featured Articles:

Storm prep: Planning and executing a comprehensive and flexible severe weather response  

Six lessons in public outreach: How social media can change public perception of a utility

August 2014
Editorial Focuses: Energy & resource recovery, Activated sludge, Asset management, decentralized systems Featured Articles:

Put your energy inefficiency to work: Energy savings performance contracts yield financial savings as utilities are learning there’s a lot to be gained from inefficiency  

Divide and conquer ammonia to save energy: Energy efficiency upgrades slash power bill, improve compliance and operability

July 2014
Editorial Focuses:  Pipe & tank installation and rehabilitation, Green infrastructure, Industrial wastewaters, Membranes    Featured Articles:

Drought and deluge: Avoiding heavy metal permit violations as well as unpermitted stormwater runoff releases    

Pipe and site constraints work against Plan A: Creative solutions win out in Baltimore prestressed concrete cylinder replacement project 

June 2014
Editorial Focuses: Smart meters & valves, Filtration, Infrastructure, Thickening & dewtering Featured Articles:

Of one accord: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission relies on efficient management and effective coordination to meet demands of massive compliance effort  

One problem, many causes: An investigative look at the underlying causes of digester foaming at a Dallas wastewater utility

May 2014
Editorial Focuses: Water supply and management, Workforce planning, Disinfection, Odor and corrosion control Featured Articles:

 Master planning your water system: Five benefits and a case study    

Help wanted: Five steps to navigate the current and future worker shortage successfully  

WET_cover1_April14 90
April 2014
Editorial Focuses:
CSOs/SSOs, Automatic meter reading, Preliminary treatment, Biosolids and residuals
Featured Articles: Managing the deluge: The Trinity River Authority builds a flexible peak flow storage system with robust and repurposed preliminary treatment   

Payback in the Outback: Even small facilities can make a positive business case for codigestion

March 2014
Editorial Focuses:

Maintenance, Membranes, Resource recovery, Disinfection


Featured Articles:

Cost-effective application of peracetic acid for high-level disinfection: A Florida facility considers several alternatives to satisfy permit requirements

Out of sight, out of time: A collaborative approach for emergency pipeline repair

February 2014
Editorial Focuses:

Collection systems, Utility management, SCADA, Groundwater



Featured Articles:

Taking the plunge: Implementing a long-term, instrument-based program to assess compliance with water quality standards

Finding the right system balance: North Carolina WRRF operators used on-line analyzers to help identify new approaches to process control and optimization

January 2014
Editorial Focuses: State of the Industry, Water quality monitoring and instrumentation, Assessements and inspections, Pumps and pump stations Featured Articles:

Harnessing big data for energy and asset management: Using data science to improve energy efficiency and recovery  

No need to knock on wood: A vibration analysis at a pumping station eliminates longstanding pump wear problems