About WEFGlobal

WEFGlobal's mission is to identify, develop and manage opportunities for WEF and its members to actively participate in educational, policy, technology, economic, and information sharing forums that affect the global water environment.

WEF promotes better management of water resources within the U.S. and abroad through participation at international wastewater conferences and meetings.  Global water events are just one part of WEF’s efforts to address the worldwide concerns of conserving water and managing the water supply and quality, issues that require a global perspective and the understanding that water use in varying sectors is interdependent.

Numerous connections with international organizations help to increase WEF’s presence and our potential to promote Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) on a global scale, which includes relationships with two important bodies in the United Nations. Follow the links above to learn more about our global water projects and to view upcoming water industry events.  Clean water is important to the world's future and integrated water resource management is vital to providing global solutions.

For additional information, please contact Laila Sukkariyyah (lsukkariyyah@wef.org).