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November's Open Access Article 

The November open access article is Integrative Advanced Oxidation and Biofiltration for Treating Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater (http://bit.ly/2eeIoi4) by Lester, Yaal; Aga, Diana S.; Love, Nancy G.; Singh, Randolph R.; Morrissey, Ian; Linden, Karl G.

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Check out WER's most-downloaded articles:

  1. Effectiveness of Man-Made Wetland Systems in Filtering Contaminants from Urban Runoff in Milledgeville, Georgia  
    Mutiti, Samuel; Sadowski, Hannah; Melvin, Christine; Mutiti, Christine
  2.  Production of Biodiesel and Biogas from Algae: A Review of Process Train Options
    Wiley, Patrick E; Campbell, J. Elliott; McKuin, Brandi 
  3. Effects of Pollution on Marine Organisms
    Mearns, Alan J.; Reish, Donald J.; Oshida, Philip S.; Ginn, Thomas; Rempel-Hester, Mary Ann; Arthur, Courtney; Rutherford, Nicolle
  4. Total Phosphorus Input to the Cache la Poudre River in Northern Colorado 
    Son, Ji-Hee; Goodwin, Stephen; Carlson, Kenneth
  5. Retrospective Analyses of Inputs of Municipal Wastewater Effluent and Coupled Impacts on an Urban Lake
    Effler, Steven W.; O'Donnell, Susan M.; Prestigiacomo, Anthony R.; Matthews, David A.; Auer, Martin T.
  6. Energy Return on Investment for Algal Biofuel Production Coupled with Wastewater Treatment  
    Beal, Colin M.; Stillwell, Ashlynn S.; King, Carey W.; Cohen, Stuart M.; Berberoglu, Halil; Bhattarai, Rajendra P., Connelly, Rhykka L.; Webber, Michael E.; Hebner, Robert E.
  7. Multispectral Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Champlain, USA 
    Isenstein, Elizabeth M.; Trescott, Adam; Park, Mi-Hyun
  8. Multivariate Analyses for Monitoring EDCs and PPCPs in a Lake Water 
    Park, Minji; Reckhow, David; Lavine, Michael; Rosenfeldt, Erik; Stanford, Benjamin; Park, Mi-Hyun
  9. Simultaneous Biological Nutrient Removal: A State-of-the-Art Review
    Daigger, Glen T.; Littleton, Helen X.
  10. A Critical Review of Nuisance Foam Formation and Biological Methods for Foam Management or Elimination in Nutrient Removal Facilities
    Parker, Denny; Bratby, John; Esping, Don; Hull, Ted; Kelly, Rick; Melcer, Henryk; Merlo, Rion; Pope, Rod; Shafer, Todd; Wahlberg, Eric; Witzgall, Robert

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