Singapore International Water Week 2020 Scholar Program - Call for Applications is Now Open!

Dates of the Conference: July 5-9, 2020

Apply today for a Singapore International Water Week Scholarship!

WEF, NACWA, and WRF have partnered with Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) to host a United States delegation of high-level utility managers. The organizations have also collaborated to create a scholarship fund to assist US utility leaders in funding international participation.

This scholarship program is seeking to attract utility leaders who are interested in or have working knowledge in the following areas:

  • Climate Resilience
  • Resource Efficiency
  • SMART Utility

High-level utility managers of a U.S. water or wastewater utility with membership/subscriber affiliation with WEF, NACWA or Water Research are encouraged to apply by the January 10, 2020 deadline.

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Please email Laila Sukkariyyah at

To learn more about SIWW 2020, visit

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Applicant Eligibilty

In addition to reviewing the scholarship information above, to be considered for the SIWW 2020 Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be employed as a high-level utility manager at a U.S. water or wastewater utility. General Managers and CEOs of a U.S. water or wastewater utility are highly encouraged to apply! 
  • Be a member of WEF or NACWA and/or work for an agency that is a Water Research subscriber.
  • Use this financial award toward travel or registration expenses for SIWW 2020.

Scholarship Awards and Recognition

We anticipate a full scholarship to SIWW (to cover economy travel, lodging, and registration) will be approximately $6,000- $8,000. The scholarship committee is striving to award as many scholarships as possible and the ability of applicants to assume a portion of the cost will enable us to support more participants.

About the Application

Please have the following required documentation to complete your application before you begin:

  • Current Resume
  • Employer Approval Letter (Signed & Dated)
  • Personal Statement- Please tell us your motivation for applying and what you anticipate to gain from your SIWW experience. (no more than 750 words)