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The 4th annual IH2O/WEF Water Innovation Summit turns a spotlight on innovators and entrepreneurs working in the water industry. Our international network of leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropic partners, and government officials will convene in the Bay Area for a series of events designed to examine crucial questions at the heart of water’s future over the next ten years. With a mix of speaker from inside & outside the water sector, we will be examining the issues at the heart of the coming transition, rather than merely the symptoms.

Featured speakers include Jennifer Sara, Director of Global Water Practice, World Bank; Felicia Marcus, ex-Chair, SWRCB; Enrique Zaldivar, GM, LA Sanitation; Norma Camacho, CEO, Valley Water; Mirka Wilderer, CEO, De Nora; Nicole Neeman Brady, COO, Renewable Resources Group; Neil Jeffery, CEO, WSUP; Peter Fiske, ED, NAWI; Tiffani Ashley Bell, Founder, The Human Utility; Tom Kunetz, Past President, WEF and many more.

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