The Water Environment Federation and the Water Research Foundation would like to invite you to attend the upcoming LIFT Knowledge Development Forum (KDF) on intelligent water technology solutions where big data, machine learning, and AI can inform decision-making in areas such as waterborne infectious disease outbreak control and water security. This event will create a great opportunity for attendees to openly discuss new technologies and management practices in the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector to help solve some of the most complex and difficult challenges facing the water and wastewater industry.  Unlike a traditional workshop, the KDF is an interactive platform for attending stakeholders to exchange and synthesize new knowledge, identify collaboration potential to bridge gaps, and facilitate the adoption of innovative ways of problem solving in the water sector.  Through a series of highly interactive discussions, experts in the field will provide context for evaluation and dissemination of information gleaned from recent studies.

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(Note:  if attending the Utility Management Conference in Anaheim, the UC-Irvine campus is only 13 miles from the conference hotel)