With increasing populations and industry, climate changes, increasing natural disaster activities and decreasing water supplies in urban regions, demand for water is increasing at such a rapid pace that water utilities are viewing their own region's wastewater as a potential local new water resource. The central question for long-term planning is whether to direct this resource toward potable reuse or develop and expand existing non-potable recycled water systems. Potable reuse systems have advantages over non-potable systems, but they also present challenges that must be weighed against those of non-potable reuse systems. Prominent speakers active in the field of water reuse will   share their experience and opinions with a lively discussion of the current and future trends in potable and non-potable water reuse with examples, technological advances, and regulatory trends in the US and internationally. Trade-offs of costs and benefits of these water reuse systems will also be discussed by the webcast speakers.

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