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ZeeLung MABR (membrane aerated biofilm reactor) technology is an innovative solution that maximizes the treatment capacity from existing tank volumes while also reducing energy consumption. Conventional solutions require the construction of new tanks; other process intensification technologies are complex and energy inefficient. ZeeLung can increase treatment capacity by up to 50% in existing tank volumes, improve process resilience to upset conditions, be implemented quickly without the need for major civil works and save up to 50% of the energy required for process aeration.

The Yorkville-Bristol Sanitary District (YBSD) serves a population of 18,500 and has a treatment capacity of 3.62 mgd. Its facility was facing challenges, including population growth and new industrial contributions likely to exceed its rated organic capacity as well as a new total phosphorus limit of 1mg/L, requiring the footprint-constrained plant be upgraded. Rather than constructing a separate treatment plant on adjacent property, YBSD sought a retrofit solution that would minimize capital expenditure, avoid significant civil modifications to the facility and accelerate the implementation schedule versus construction of a new plant. YBSD chose to upgrade the plant with SUEZ’s ZeeLung technology in combination with enhanced biological phosphorous removal. The ZeeLung MABR system was commissioned in 2018 and is the largest MABR system in North America.

This webinar will provide an overview of ZeeLung MABR technology and the YBSD project.

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