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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Bentley Systems, Inc.

Solve operational challenges before they occur. Look beyond SCADA with OpenFlows water network digital twins.

In a connected data environment, information bridges accelerate wet infrastructure projects to the point where utilities can mirror and accurately simulate the health and performance of operating assets under a range of conditions. This revolutionary technology provides near real-time decision support for network operations, so you can plan intelligently, evaluate alternatives, and improve capital planning and budget resources.

Discover how to "see into the future"  by utilizing a water network digital twin. In this 30-minute session, Ari Opdahl, Senior Manager, Water Infrastructure, will share valuable insights for creating a sustainable smart water strategy. By comparing results between simulations and measured data, you’ll see how other utilities are identifying critical point system that require attention, like a growing leak or an unexpected closed valve.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize accurate, real-time network data to quickly identify problems and forecast conditions—with or without mitigation planning
  • React to real-time events and emergencies, or conduction multiple continuous simulations for faster response
  • Leverage IT data for non-IT people, to provide visibility into engineering outcomes for non-engineers


Ari Opdahl has 15+ years’ experience in asset planning and project management for a variety of private and public clients. Ari is a senior product manager at Bentley Systems where he supports the advancement of asset management and acceptance of technology by the water and wastewater community. He graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Lifecycle (Civil Systems) Engineering. As a subject matter expert, Ari also engages directly with key clients, partners, and channel partners to educate and promote business development.

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