The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is excited to introduce WEF InFLOW (INtroducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water), an initiative that strives to identify promising students from underrepresented minority groups who are interested in professional careers in the water industry.

WEF InFLOW is a scholarship program, which invites students to attend WEFTEC to:

  • solidify their interest in working in the water sector;
  • help foster a network within WEF and water to increase probabilities for employment and for long term success.

The program kicked-off at WEFTEC 2018 (, and provided  travel assistance, hotel accommodations, registration, and additional networking opportunities to 16 students from Howard University (Washington, D.C.), Tuskegee University (Tuskegee, Alabama), and University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida). 

For more information download the 2019 WEF InFLOW Information Flyer, or contact Morgan Brown at or Bri Nakamura at

"Going to WEFTEC really broadened my interest and passion in water..."

2018 WEF InFLOW Participants

The 2018 inaugural InFLOW class featured an array of students from different backgrounds, class year, and experience in water.  Through exposure in the program, Howard University has started as a Water Environment Federation Student Chapter, and other students have gone on to internships and jobs in the water industry.

Hear about their experiences below:

Since it's launch, WEF InFLOW has recieved an exciting buzz in the water industry, with several Member Associations (MAs) replicating the program on a small scale for annual conferences.  

In 2019, WEF is excited to grow the program with not only more students, but also a second CareerTech Track for young adults interested in water fundamentals and operations.  

About StemPath

The StemPath Track of WEF InFLOW includes students from universities and colleges who are currently pursuing a degree in a STEM field.  

Through WEF InFLOW these students are introduced to the water industry through several different WEFTEC activities including:

  • Water Palooza
  • Students & Young Professionals Service Project
  • Student Design Competition
  • Opening General Session
  • WEFTEC Career Fair
  • Students & Young Professionals Committee
  • InFLOW Networking Panel

Program Participants

For the StemTech Track, WEF works with universities and colleges to obtain student participants.  Program participants include students ranging in their sophomore year to Ph.D students, with various different STEM backgrounds and a varying range of knowledge about the water industry.

2018 Participating Schools:

  • Howard University - Washington, DC
  • Tuskegee University - Tuskegee, AL
  • University of South Florida - Tampa, FL

Confirmed 2019 Participating Schools:

  • Florida A&M University - Tallahassee, FL
  • Howard University - Washington, DC
  • University of Alaska - Anchorage, AK
  • University of Hawaii - Honolulu, HI
  • University of South Florida - Tampa, FL
  • Florida International University - Miami, FL

About CareerTech

The CareerTech track was formerly known as the Emerging Water Quality Scholars Program.  CareerTech is a unique workforce-learning experience for fifteen promising opportunity youth, ages 18-24, from the WEFTEC host community. The CareerTech track will provide scholars:

  • An eye-opening, behind the scenes tour of local water-industry operating facilities 
  • Insights from industry professionals about what it takes to operate some of the host cities most fascinating infrastructure
  • An introduction to a variety of related career pathways including local education/ training programs, internship opportunities, and full-time sustainable employment
  • A chance to work side by side with WEF’s Students and Young Professionals at the WEF Community Service Project
  • Participation in select WEFTEC  networking and learning opportunities.


IWEA InFLOW Students

After it's launch in 2018, WEF InFLOW has hit the ground running and several of the WEF Member Associations (MAs) have expressed interest in a similar program at their local annual conferences.

Illinois WEA was the first to bring WEF InFLOW to their annual conference during IWPC 2019: Together for Clean Water Conference that took place on February 11-13, 2019.  They were able to invite 7 students representing the University of Illinois, the Environmental Resources Training Center at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Water/Wastewater Operators Training Center, and Loyola University in Chicago.  The students ranged in gender, race, and also included three mid-career military veterans! 

Member Associations that have done or explored WEF InFLOW:

  • Illinois WEA
  • WEA of Texas 
  • New England WEA
  • North Carolian WEA
  • Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
  • Virginia WEA

If you are interested in having a WEF InFLOW Program at your annual conference, please reach out to Bri Nakamura ( or Morgan Brown (

Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship of the WEF InFLOW Program supports a WEF initiative that strives to identify promising students and young adults from underrepresented groups who are interested in professional careers in the water industry. The WEF InFLOW Program is projected to provide support for up to 50 university students and recent high school graduates. Sponsorship support provides travel assistance, hotel accommodations, registration, and additional networking opportunities.

By becoming a WEF InFLOW Sponsor, you not only help introduce a student to the water industry, but have the opportunity to meet and interact with the students first hand.  

Visit the WEF InFLOW Sponsorship Page for more information.