WEF Members are sharing their personal experiences working in the water sector and insights on the value they have gained from their WEF Membership.

"Being a member of WEF has opened a door to an unlimited source of knowledge and networking opportunities..."


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Why did you choose to work in the water sector?

I grew up in a village in Nepal where water is abundant, but retrieving potable water is a big part of your family's activities. My mom used to make multiple trips to a public tap half an hour away from our house to bring buckets of water every morning so that we would have enough water for drinking and cooking. We did not have a toilet in our house until 1996. My upbringing taught me the value of access to clean water and sanitation and its impact on your life and personal confidence. My dad worked at a water utility as an Operations Manager. His job exposed me to all the hard work that goes into maintaining reliable and safe water and wastewater systems. 

These lessons ignited a desire in me to get into this sector. They led me to pursue my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and join a water utility in Kathmandu, Nepal as an Electro-Mechanical Engineer in 2003. Since then, I never looked back and continued to drive efficiency and optimization in this sector, and since 2014 I've worked with the Ontario Clean Water Agency serving more than 150 municipal clients.

What insights would you like to share with others about your experiences working in the water sector?

It makes me immensely proud to work in this sector as every activity that I perform creates value for the public. This sector consists of highly motivating and driven colleagues who are continually trying to deliver the best quality services and water in the most effective way through innovative approaches. There is a huge amount of support available through our sector and it makes me feel like it's my home with a big family working for a common goal to address issues in the water sector. 

How long have you been a WEF member and what WEF Member Benefit has made the most impact on your career?

Being a member of WEF has opened a door to an unlimited source of knowledge and networking opportunities throughout North America. Networking and Knowledge sharing have helped me drive my work in Ontario to the next level.