WEFMAX means WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange. Below find information on discussion exchange from this years WEFMAX, a WEFMAX library of recent presentations, and a Host WEFMAX Resource Center designed to assist WEFMAX hosts.


March 13 - 15 in Vancouever, BC
March 27 - 29 in Scottsdale, AZ
May 15 - 17 in Orange Beach, AL
May 29 - 31 in Nashville, TN


WEFMAX in Vancouver

Hosted by the British Columbia Water & Waste Association
Registration is now open for WEFMAX in Vancouver!
Vancouver Points of Interst and Places to Visit

March 13 - 15, 2019

Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
1133 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6E3T3
PH: 604.689.9211 | Toll Free: 1.844.337.3118
Hotel Reservation: PH: 1.844.337.3118 OR  Online Booking
(Room Block under BCWWA WEFMAX Meeting)
Room Rates: (CAD) Single/Double $179 | Triple $209 } Quad $239

Questions: Contact...
Janette Blahova: BCWWA Events and Sponsorship Specialist
jblahova@bcwwa.org | PH: 604.630.5349 | Toll Free: 1-877-433-4389

Dianne Crilley: WEF Director MA Programs
dcrilley@wef.org | PH: 703.684.2445 | Cell: 703.283.3668

Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!
Promo presentation given at WEFTEC



WEFMAX in Scottsdale

Hosted by AZ Water
Registration is now open for WEFMAX in Scottsdale!

March 27 - 29, 2019

WeKoPa Resort & Conference Center
10438 N. Fort McDowell Road
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ 85264
PH: 480.789.5300
Reservation: 480.789.5320 | Toll Free: 1.844.493.5672
(Room Block under WEFMAX Meeting 2019)
Room Rate: $169 Single/Double

Questions: Contact...
Debbie Muse
: Executive Manager
manager@azwater.org | PH: 480.987.4888

Dianne Crilley: WEF Director MA Programs
dcrilley@wef.org | PH: 703.684.2445 | Cell: 703.283.3668

Welcome to Scottsdale, AZ!
Promo presentation given at WEFTEC

WEFMAX in Orange Beach

Hosted by the Alabama's WEA
Registration for attending WEFMAX in Orange Beach

May 15 - 17, 2019

Perdido Beach Resort
27200 Perdido Beach Blvd
Orange Beach, AL 36561
PH: 251.981.9811
Reservations: call 1.800.634.8001 (reference Booking ID #15556)
Starting mid December you can make Online reservations - reference Booking ID #15556 
(Room block under the AWEA WEFMAX Meeting)
Room Rates: $174 Single/Double | $234 for a Gulf Front King

Questions: Contact...
Brian Shannon:
WEF Delegate and WEFMAX Coordinator
bsshannon@garverusa.com | PH: 205.313.6464

Dianne Crilley: WEF Director MA Programs
dcrilley@wef.org | PH: 703.684.2445 | Cell: 703.283.3668

Welcome to WEFMAX in Orange Beach, Alabama!

WEFMAX in Nashville

Hosted by the Kentucky-Tennessee WEA
Registration is now open for WEFMAX in Nashville!

May 29 - 31, 2019


21C Museum Hotel
221 2nd Avenue N
Nashville, TN 37201
PH:  615.610.6400
Reservations: 615.610.6400 
(Room Block under the WEFMAX spring conference group)
Room Rate: $209 Single/Double

Questions: Contact...
Valerie Lucas
: Executive Director KYTNWEA
Valerie.Lucas@kytnwea.org | PH: 502.468.4772

Dianne Crilley: WEF Director MA Programs
dcrilley@wef.org | PH: 703.684.2445 | Cell: 703.283.3668

Welcome to WEFMAX in Nashville!
Promo presentation given at WEFTEC

WEFMAX Library


Wrap-Up Notes
Indianapolis | Little Rock | Girdwood | Wrightsville Beach


New York WEA: Presenter: Mark Koester (IN)| Presentation

New Jersey WEA: 
Presenters: Robert DeBlock & Lisa Oberreiter | Presentation

Ohio WEA: 
Presenter: Dawn Kennedy (IN) | Presentation 
Presenters: Jane Winkler and Mike Welke (LR) | Presentation

WEA of Utah: Presenters: Clint Rogers & Lonn Rasmussen (AK) Presentation

Western Canada WEA: Presenters: Natalie Wilson & Timo Jansen (AK) Presentation

WEFTEC Pilot Joint Recruitment Campaign
Presenters: Aimee Killeen (IN) (AK); Keith Hobson (LR) (NC) | Presentation


New England WEA: Presenters: James Barsanti (IN); Matt Formica (LR); Ray Vermette (AK); Fred McNeill (NC) | Presentation

Pacific Northwest CWA: 
Presenters: David Keil (IN); Steven Drangsholt & Ellie Key (LR) | Presentation

Georgia AWP: Presenter: Pam Burnett (AK) | Presentation

Ohio WEA: 
Presenters: Ted Baker (AK); Fred Smith (NC) | Presentation

Indiana WEA -
Annual Conference Planning
Presenters: Julia Whitson and Gary Ruston | Presentation

Arkansas WEA - Benefits that Make us Relevant
Presenter: Alicia Patton | Presentation

Alaska WWMA - Reaching out to Rural Members
Presenter: Jennifer Warren | Presentation

North Carolina AWWA-WEA - Reinventing Your Image Without Reinventing the Wheel | Jennifer Picarella | Presentation

Rocky Mountain WEA: Presenters: Julie Smith (In); Jeff Berlin (LR); Will Raatz (AK); Stacey Walker (NC) | Presentation

AZ Water: Presenter: Bob Hollander (IN) | Presentation

Chesapeake WEA: Presenters: Tim Wolfe, Jennifer Kaberline & Aaron Huges (LR); John Fletcher (NC) | Presentation

WEA of Texas: Presenters: Julie Nahrgang, Melissa Sansing, & Jess Braun (AK) | Presentation


WEF Business - Opening Presentation| Jackie Jarrell | Presentation 

WEF's Public Awareness Plan | Rahkia Nance (IN); Travis Loop (LR) (NC); Lori Harrison (AK) | Presentation

Operator Workforce Strategies:
ABC Presentation for Baywork | Ingrid Bella (IN) (LR) and Catherine Curtis (AK) (NC) | Presentation

WEF's Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals | Sidney Innerebner (IN) (LR) (AK); Steve Harrison (NC) | Presentation

HOD Operator Initiatives -Aimee Killeen (IN) (AK); Keith Hobson (LR) (NC) Presentation

WEFMAX Host Resource Center

WEFMAX = WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange
WEFMAX is a budgeted annual program offering Member Association leaders an opportunity to attend one of four meetings each year that provides a forum to learn what is new from WEF and provides sessions for ongoing exchange of MA information.  Member Associations volunteer to jointly sponsor with WEF to host a WEFMAX meeting.

Selecting WEFMAX Hosts
All you need to do is let WEF know your MA is interested in hosting a specific year. Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.  WEF schedules 5 years out.  WEF is currently looking for host through 2022.

WEFMAX Historial Host List
This document shows the historial information i.e. host year/location/# of attendees for past WEFMAX's

Host Schedule - as of August 2018
2019: Alabama, AZ Water, British Columbia, Kentucky-Tennessee
2020: Hawaii, New Jersey/New York, North Dakota, South Carolina
2021: Atlantic Canada, Pacific Northwest, Utah, Pennsylvania
2022: Florida, Missouri, New England, Rocky Mountain
2023: Nebraska, Reseau Environnement
2024: TBA
2025: Michigan, Ontario

WEFMAX Webinar
This webinar is for MA Hosts, Moderators, Presenters, and Helpers (i.e. scribes, time keepers, and mic helpers), and focuses on helpful tips to provide a better understanding of the various roles in achieving stimulating conversations from the audience throughout WEFMAX.  To view a recording of the webinar, click here.

Host Agreement / Roles / Planning Guide
WEFMAX Responsibilities and Budget Agreement (WEF role & MA Host role)
Host Meeting Role (during the WEFMAX Meeting)
Steps to Planning WEFMAX
Host Planning Timeline
Event Check List
Example Welcome Messages

Questions Often Asked
Tips & Pitfalls to Avoid

Support Helper Guideline Roles 
WEFMAX Host (Host to introduce each Session Moderator)
Microphone Helper | Scribe | Timekeeper  (Host to assign from the Host leadership)
Summarizer (WEFMAX Committee Chair to assign a WEF Delegate)
Moderator (Host to assign a Moderator for the Host Session) 
(WEF to assign from the WEF Board and HOD Leadership...Moderators for all sessions but the Host Session)

Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley 703.684.2445