• #wefworkforcechat: Sharing Ideas One Tweet at a Time

    Throughout the water sector, water professionals are mulling over the same questions-- how do we attract new talent and diversify our teams? How will we replenish our ranks after the retirement boom hits? As you’re reading this, someone is probably pondering these very questions and others. But what if the answer to those questions, or the inspiration for the next big idea was in a 280-character message splayed across your screen?

  • Water Must Speak Up During Infrastructure Week

    It was recently reported that the president and congressional leaders reached agreement to pursue a $2 trillion infrastructure package. It is time to raise our voices to ensure that the water sector receives a significant and appropriate portion of those funds.

  • A Fresh, New Look for Water Environment & Technology

    The May issue of “Water Environment & Technology” magazine is mailing soon with a new design. The magazine’s editors and designers are excited for you to see it. But before it arrives in your mailbox, we want to share some of the details as well as what we hope these changes and additions will provide to you.

  • Why Water's Worth It

    WEF's Director of Creative Projects Lori Harrison and Art Director Jon Harrison blog about the release of WEF’s first-ever children’s storybook, Why Water’s Worth It.