The HERO Effect” is a shift in the conventional way of thinking about heroes. Traditional thinking suggests that heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. What I have discovered on this journey is that heroes and high performers are anything but ordinary. Ordinary is a learned behavior.

Think about this; if heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things then by default we give ourselves permission to be ordinary most of the time with only the occasional burst of extraordinary. The HERO Effect is about what happens when extraordinary people choose not to be ordinary.

The HERO Effect is comprised of four principles.

  • Heroes help people with no strings attached. They go “all-in” every time they take the field. They understand that in business and in life it’s always personal and never perfect. Heroes create strong connections and reach beyond the borders of transactional thinking to create transformational moments!
  • Heroes create an exceptional experience; the hero’s calling card is pure excellence. It’s about using their talents, gifts, and abilities to their fullest potential and highest purpose. The hero uses the best of who they are to serve more people, more often, in bigger and better ways. The hero is committed to personal development and shows up better today than they were yesterday. Heroes build trust by serving others with an authentic passion that turns everyday moments into superhuman experiences. The hero is driven to serve others and understands that the greatest rewards in life are determined by how well we take care of the people we live and work with.
  • Heroes take responsibility; heroes own the moments that matter. They are actively present and engaged and do not believe in random acts of kindness. The hero is motivated instead by intentional acts of difference making. They live by a simple code: “bring your best stuff to the present moment and pour it into the lives of others.”  They understand that before you can lead anyone else, you must first be able to lead yourself. The hero owns their attitude, their actions, and their results. They are committed to the best possible outcome in every situation regardless of circumstances or events beyond their control. The hero leads by example and knows that true success is found in the power of simple choices.
  • Heroes live and work with optimism; heroes see the world differently. For them, it’s not about positive thinking, it’s about perspective. Looking through the lens of optimism gives the hero supernatural vision. They see what others cannot. They see opportunities instead of obstacles — possibilities instead of problems. When things go wrong — and they will — optimism is what helps the hero turn life’s messes into a masterpiece.

Opening General Session participants will learn how to achieve greater results by eliminating “ordinary” thinking and mastering the habit of excellence: how to own the moments that matter (and they all matter) by taking responsibility for their attitude, their actions and their results, and how to create meaningful relationships and deliver an extraordinary experience for every “customer” at work and at home. 

Read the full interview in the August 2018 issue of Water Environment & Technology magazine. 

About Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is a motivational speaker and author of the book, The HERO Effect. He will deliver the keynote address for the Opening General Session at WEFTEC® 2018 in New Orleans on Oct. 1.

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